Demon's Revenge

We are glad that you want to meet the team of developers who are working on Celestial Tear: Demon’s Revenge!

The main team is just the two of us, Whitney White and Tyrell White. We do the story and art as well as the actual developing and putting all of the pieces together. We have a couple more reliable people who help us out with some work such as Ricky Gunawan who does the hi-res character and background art. Shaun Joaquin, a backer turned team member who does some writing, helps us organize, and is overall moral support. Eileen Hermann precisely paints those beautiful overworld tiles. Michael Correa, Mark McKeich, and DaveyBriteRPG do phenomenal work on the music, making sure that each song fits the moment. Our SFX/audio guy, aL Beastie (Zach Betts) creates the sound effects as well as makes sure all the audio in game is level, mixed and sounding great!

That is the team behind Celestial Tear: Demon’s Revenge, we are a weird bunch, but we make a great team! 😀
Below is a deeper look into all of us!

Whitney WhiteTyrell WhiteRicky GunawanEileen HermannZach BettsMichael CorreaMark McKeichDavid O'Neill
Whitney is the writer, developer, coder, and the occasional pixel artist. Whitney has always had a love for games ever since she first picked up a controller and controlled the orange ball of !&*? that is Q-Bert. Whitney has been writing since the days of the dreaded noisy TYPEWRITER and has always wanted to write for games. Now she is finally getting her chance to tell a story to the masses. Whitney has 5 exuberant kids, and manages to balance work, kids, and love every single day. Whitney’s favorite games are Tomb Raider (ALL OF THEM (except the black sheep Angel of Darkness… That doesn’t count :P) ), Suikoden 2, Final Fantasy 8, and Pharaoh.
Tyrell is the concept artist, pixel artist, and co-writer. Drawing has always been a passion for Tyrell and comics were the cause. Tyrell is persistent and passionate about everything his name goes on. That includes his family, his work, hobbies, etc. Tyrell was always a fan of the Wild Arms series as well as the Legacy Of Kain series and has brought some of those influences into CT: DR. He also fills Whitney’s plot holes and comes up with great ideas to make the game better.
Ricky is the character artist, sequential artist, and environmental artist. He is a talented, hardworking guy. Mainly working on book covers, we got really lucky when we found him and he actually wanted to do work for a game. His art comes in many styles as he is very versatile having done everything from children’s books to anime to gritty comic art. He is very supportive of the team and has become a vital part of it. We hope to bring him on for many other games after this!
Eileen is the tile artist of the game. She is very easy to work with, easy to talk to, and willing to work with us. She has already created a full retro tileset for everyone in the community to use and it really showcases her skills as well as some edits to show off. I was really blown away by her retro tiles and we are glad to have her as a member of the team!
Zach does all of the sound effect design for CT: DR. He is into game design and music, playing for an Australian band called Stone Chimp. He brings a unique style of sound to our game and strives to get it right. He has become a good friend and offers great advice and feedback on the game’s development.
Michael is one of the composers and has always been supportive of our project. He better be 😛 He’s Whitney’s brother. Michael has taken a step back from working on the game’s music, but still contributes melodies and originals for Mark and Davey to work with. Michael has always had a passion for music of all styles as well as video game music from the likes of composers such as Nobuo Uematsu (Surprise).
Mark is one of the composers for CT: DR. He is also working on a couple of games, one being a horror game called Oneirophrenia. Mark has also been picked to join the staff of the official RPG Maker community for his outstanding composing abilities.
Founder of DaveyBriteRPG. David is not just another composer for CT:DR, he is an excellent musician who is eager to put what he learns into practice… Usually with impeccable results! Ever since he began offering his services to the community 4 years ago, I was looking into his work, but the time was never ripe. Now, the time has come to bring a new member and a new style of music to the team and here it is!