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Hey everyone!

Today we have a new update for you, but before we continue with that we just want to congratulate Ricky, our main artist, on his new baby!

Now on to the update!

We’ve been hard at work over the past 2 weeks working on the game’s story, making progress on battlers among other things. Tyrell has been going non stop on the battlers and is currently working on our resident martial artist, Amira! She’s gotten a revamped stance removing the staff since she is a weapon master. We felt that the weapon mastery should be incorporated in her moves while her bare hands skills should be default.

And to think, I wanted to kill her off! Haha!

Next in the art department, Ricky has finished a different section of Origin Forest! This is the area that Sen roams. Looks spooky doesn’t it!

Michael has produced more infobook icons. These are some status effect healing items along with the tent, the new analyze, and some scrolls. I look at the new design for the analyze and I’m in awe! The scrolls came out exactly how I wanted them to too!

The assets are really coming together for me to work with!

The updated battle system is also on it’s way too, so stay tuned for that! Hopefully in the next update or the next after that, we’ll be able to show you guys a little sneak peek of it. We should be acquainted with the system by then.

I’ve been recreating a lot of stuff that I thought could come out better, like the scene that happens at Sen’s house after Jagen meets her. I can also say that I’ve officially moved on from the intro of the game!So yeah, progress is a little slow this month, but stuff is still getting done! This would not even be happening without you guys. Sometimes I still can’t believe it lol. Being able to work on our game is the best Christmas gift ever. Speaking of Christmas, before we go, I want to say happy holidays to everyone! 😀

– Whitney & Tyrell

More News & Progress

So we have been off to a great start. I have been trying my best to fit in whatever time I could get between my job to get some spriting done and like I said in a previous update, Sen is my priority. Since she is the main focus in chapter one, she has to be the most fleshed out character. So we want to get her as complete as possible in all aspects before the month is done.


Face portrait
Face portrait

One of the big things I am focusing on with her is her battler sprites making transitions and having the sprites animations move as smooth as possible.

Battler Animations

Run transition
Run transition

Here you will see a transition I have been working on between the run and the stance. Making the sprite animations flow into each other in seamless animations will make a much more enjoyable experience. Presentation is very important to us and we are putting a lot of effort into it.

New run
New run
Old run
Old run

You can see the difference between the older and more recent animations here. With the added reliability of the funding I have been able to go back and redo a lot of Sen’s much older sprites. Through time, we have really learned a lot and now implementing those skills have really produced some great results.

New attack
New attack

We have been working on characterization and making the animations look more dynamic. Each character’s style of play will vary and having those attacks and animations look far more exciting than what you have seen in our demo has become a major goal. As you can see we have reworked Sen’s stance to have her hair and shirt move just a tad bit more for those who remember the one we showed during the kickstarter campaign.

I do not want to give away the entire animation library of sprites for each character so I will try to hold much more back in the future but still show you guys progress. 🙂

Sprite Template
Sprite Template

I had also been working on a bunch of templates that we are using for NPCs. Male/female of larger and smaller characters as well as elderly characters are all done.

Along with the progressing the story, Whitney has been talking business with a lot of people and getting everyone prepared for the work ahead. We’ve learned that there’s really nobody who is able to replicate the style of our current tiles, so you may or may not see some changes in style, we are still talking about that.

As most of you know, we were talking about signing with a publisher before the kickstarter ended. Turns out the deal was a win for us! They have introduced us to many knowledgeable people and even got us connected to our new artist. He works on items specifically for the infobook. Michael Rookard!

He’s already completed some work for us. Take a look at it!

A few basic items
A few basic items

Ricky is currently working on the second wallpaper, which is in the same style except with the chapter 1 main villains. We have the sketch of that too and it looks like it is going to turn out great! Let’s see if you can recognize any of them from the sketch alone!

With that said, I think we are done for this update! I hope you guys enjoyed it! I look forward to giving you guys more news in another 2 weeks! (Yeah, I know we’ve been giving info in between, but we still want to stick to every 2 weeks :P)

– Whitney & Tyrell White

Final Hours

We are in the last 48 hours of our campaign and I would like to go over what would be considered a 60 day campaign. We have had some ups and downs through this whole process and we have shown nothing but resilience and determination to get this game going and in a polished and professional state. We would like to thank you all especially the ones who have backed us since 2012. We continued to develop and you have been there for the entire journey. Thank you so much and we are going to deliver you all a product worthy of all your generosity. 

Boss Design Contest

For those who do not know, we held a boss design contest for participants from just about everywhere we post our project. Our 1st place winner was Fred Green and he designed a very interesting character with a remarkable background. He is one of our backers and we are very proud to have this character in our game. You can find out more about her and other characters in our game by following the link in the picture.

We also designed thank you cards for just about everyone who participated in the contest. Although these are not the final designs we plan to add them into a fun and simple trading card game within our project. There are still some that I have to refine and finish, but this is a glimpse of what we have so far.

Cross Promotions

Through this time we also had the opportunity to cross promote with 2 other projects in a form that allowed cameos in game. Land of Eyas and Legena, both of which were completely funded just a couple of days ago. We found it to be a unique and fun opportunity and we plan to add them both to the card game.

Backer Created Content

I have had the opportunity to work with some backers on their in game rewards. I started with Steven on his NPC and so far he is coming out extremely well. I have some information on Fred’s NPC and boss and we should get to that soon. Even after the campaign is done, we can all still get together and discuss a lot of these ideas that surround this world and the fantastic politics and culture that exist within it. After all when you put your input into the characters, you are creating more depth and diversity in this world.

Steven Lee Potts NPC, Luth
Steven Lee Potts NPC, Luth

Streaming and progress

Towards the end of the campaign we streamed quite a bit. Mostly about our game and past projects. We talked about where the project is going and where it has come from. We talked about the games that inspired us and Whitney played a bit of Tomb Raider. We had fun and we learned things about our backers and they learned some stuff about us too. If you want to recap on what those things were, we uploaded the streams onto youtube for you to review.

Thanks to you all, but we are not yet done! We are very close to our goal with very little to go. With your help and your participation we can make a run to finish this campaign successfully. You have all been great and we could not ask for much better support than the support we are getting from you all, our backers. Let’s all share our project on all social media and let everyone know about our great game. If this is successful, we aim to bring you a very good RPG experience and some new and unexpected twist to a great gaming formula.

Thanks again,

Tyrell and Whitney White

Our 4th Kickstarter Pt. 20

With just 7 days left, we are really almost there. At the moment I am writing this, we only need 1,240 to make our goal! This is very exciting and we are truly ready for this. It is hard to think about the many times we have tried this, but as we have shown in our latest stream it has truly made a difference.

In our last stream we showed many old videos of our game in its multiple phases of development. You can see how far we have progressed over the years and what we felt we needed to do in order to get our game to the level it is at now.

I also want to thank everyone who came into the stream and helped us redesign the white wolf from it’s older design. I loved everyone’s suggestions. It really came out looking great. I am very happy that you all were interested in our creative process.

More News!

imgur post!

A very fantastic person on Reddit decided to give us a shout out by posting our project on Imgur. So far it has received a positive reception. If you guys can take a look at it and share it on your social media that would really help. He did a very fantastic presentation for us and I believe it could help out a lot!

Almost there!

This has been a fantastic journey. Over the last couple of years we have had some highs and lows, but this campaign is by far the highlight of everything. We have met and talked to some really great people, you guys have really invested your time with us and we are truly grateful. Now that we are so comfortable with streaming, we feel that we can hold weekly updates on whats going on with our project. After the game is funded we can also use our forum and our newsletter on our webpage to let you all know what is going on as well as the kickstarter updates as we have done in the past.

With this last week approaching we need your help more than ever! Share our project on facebook and twitter and any social media you can use to held spread the word. We appreciate all your help and we are ready to finish our project and get it in your hands as soon as possible. Thank you to everyone who is helping us accomplish our dreams, we are truly grateful.

From our family to yours, thank you!

– Tyrell and Whitney White

So most of April has been about trying to bring you guys a demo worth playing as well as preparing for the kickstarter coming in May. The demo is coming along pretty well so far, but it pains me to say that we will have to release the demo in parts again, as the other parts still need time to be perfected.  The first part being Jagen’s introduction, the second part being Sen’s introduction, and the third part showcasing the first real town in the game including a big beautiful palace which took me some time to get done. We thought we’d have more of the battle system done by now, but that has been going veeeery slow and we only have a small bit of it to show which will indeed be included in the demo.

battle preview