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Our 4th Kickstarter Pt. 20

With just 7 days left, we are really almost there. At the moment I am writing this, we only need 1,240 to make our goal! This is very exciting and we are truly ready for this. It is hard to think about the many times we have tried this, but as we have shown in our latest stream it has truly made a difference.

In our last stream we showed many old videos of our game in its multiple phases of development. You can see how far we have progressed over the years and what we felt we needed to do in order to get our game to the level it is at now.

I also want to thank everyone who came into the stream and helped us redesign the white wolf from it’s older design. I loved everyone’s suggestions. It really came out looking great. I am very happy that you all were interested in our creative process.

More News!

imgur post!

A very fantastic person on Reddit decided to give us a shout out by posting our project on Imgur. So far it has received a positive reception. If you guys can take a look at it and share it on your social media that would really help. He did a very fantastic presentation for us and I believe it could help out a lot!

Almost there!

This has been a fantastic journey. Over the last couple of years we have had some highs and lows, but this campaign is by far the highlight of everything. We have met and talked to some really great people, you guys have really invested your time with us and we are truly grateful. Now that we are so comfortable with streaming, we feel that we can hold weekly updates on whats going on with our project. After the game is funded we can also use our forum and our newsletter on our webpage to let you all know what is going on as well as the kickstarter updates as we have done in the past.

With this last week approaching we need your help more than ever! Share our project on facebook and twitter and any social media you can use to held spread the word. We appreciate all your help and we are ready to finish our project and get it in your hands as soon as possible. Thank you to everyone who is helping us accomplish our dreams, we are truly grateful.

From our family to yours, thank you!

– Tyrell and Whitney White

Our 4th Kickstarter Pt. 19

Just a little over a week and we are nearing the 70% mark. I have been tweeting all morning and trying to get more press as the last few days go by. We are anticipating some really good exposure towards the end of the campaign to launch us into our final goal. We basically have $1,400 to go and we are really close to this.

Running 4 campaigns has not been a healthy thing for us mentally and physically. I believe it has prepared us for the long haul and has made our game a lot better, and with this campaign in particular it has given us a lot more fans and interaction. It is really fun talking to people who actively support you. We are hoping someday we can return the favor. It is really tough failing. You ask yourself is it worth it, will people enjoy what you are doing and when you get all the positive reception around the web, it just gives you more confidence to move forward.

This time we are at 70%!!! We’ve never been that close I am not set on heartbreak at this point this time. There are nothing but positives at this point and I am hoping you all will help us share our project and get some more pledges in this last leg of the campaign.

We are ready to really bring the game out in its true light and show you all the true potential of our project. We just need the funding because we already have the support from the most fantastic people in the world, the backers of this Kickstarter campaign. Some of you have been with us since 2012 and I am very grateful that you have been with us this entire time. I can not say enough about the support you all have given us. Thank you all very much!

-Tyrell and Whitney White

Thanks we are almost home!!!

Streaming at 8:30pm EST

I’m going to try and Stream again tonight. This time I am going to be doing a bit of spriting. I will be redesigning the white wolf and with you guys help, we can all determine his outcome. He uses an older slightly modified version of the regular wolves, so I will be separating him from that as well as making some new more defining modifications. You guys can look at Whitney and myself go through our creative process and see how we get our cool looking sprites the way they are. I hope to see you there.


Our 4th Kickstarter Pt. 18

We had some more fun on last night’s stream, playing some of our older projects from the very bad to the most recent. We plan to do somethings with my first RPG that I talked about in a previous update but when it comes down to it, it will be very different. The MUGEN work is all a hobby and stuff that we would get back to in our free time. It has excelled me to my current spriting style and skills and is a key reason our battle system looks the way it does. I was planning on spriting something that night for you guys, but we may do that another day.

Just another reminder that the Celebrity tier and anything above that will come with a physical copy of the full game. You can reserve yours now and get some exclusive physical rewards.

We are so close with just over a week to go, we have only $1,500 left to make our goal! We need all the support we can get! Just share our project with just about everyone you know and I’m sure we will make it. Time is indeed running out but with all your support, we have this in the bag!

Our 4th Kickstarter Pt.17

Physical Copy

We have officially reached the $3,000 funding mark and we want to celebrate that by adding a physical copy of the game to the Celebrity tier. Now we want to make it clear that this will be the complete edition of the game which will come at the end of 2015. This will be a kickstarter exclusive that will be signed by us with custom art by Ricky Gunawan. It will have the physical manual and we will cover the shipping.

The image is used to show is an example. The final copy will be for the platform of choice and available at that time. This is one of the only times you will be able to get a physical copy of the game and will be for limited editions only.

Streaming at 9:30 pm est. 

This stream will be a little different. I will be streaming some sprite art in action as well as showing you guys some of our MUGEN work that we have done in the past with the possibility of showing off some of my older work on RPG Maker. It will be fun and if I decide to show off that gosh awful game there will be laughs.

Our 4th Kickstarter Pt. 16

We had another great time on the stream yesterday. I had Whitney play one of her games which influenced her to make games, Tomb Raider. We answered a bunch more questions about the game as well as talked about some of the things we want to do after the game is funded.

We have another interview coming soon and we just might Stream again later today.

Getting to know the people that support us.

I think we are most grateful for all of you individuals who are supporting us through kickstarter. We have had a real hard time getting our family involved, so having complete strangers give us their time and resources is truly amazing.

We do not want you all to be strangers, I think it would be great to truly know who you all are. Let us know who you are, your occupation, and what has brought you to our project. Let us know something interesting about yourselves and we would love to do the same.

I have been working in retail since I was 20. Before that I’d been doing general labor. I currently work at the Home Depot. I have many talents, being able to do art, sing, and play football for most of my life. My biggest dream and my career goals are to become a game developer and release our first game, Celestial Tear: Demon’s Revenge, in the first quarter of next year. I plan to support my family and let the world know how talented and creative my wife and I can be.

Thanks for everything,

-Tyrell and Whitney White

The campaign is winding down and there is still a lot of time left. We need your support! Continue to share, tweet and facebook our project with everyone you know. With 64% we can finally get our project funded on kickstarter with a little push.

Our 4th Kickstarter Pt. 15

We had a great time streaming on twitch last night. I thought I was working late today but I get off at 6PM EST, so we will definitely be doing it again. A big thanks to our backers Fred and Steven for showing up! You actually stood in there through our microphone malfunctions. We made it through though and we ended up having a lot of fun. Everyone else come join us learn a little more about the developers, we can all chat and have some fun.

Thanks for all your support! We have less than 40% to go and a little under two weeks. With your help we can get this project funded and released early next year. If this funding does not follow through we are going to have a tough time making that happen. We have been going at this for far too long and it’s our goal to finally get this game released with our full and polished vision.Thanks again,

-Tyrell and Whitney White

So I am nearly done with Luth’s card although I have some more things I need to tighten up. I like his story and his output on the things that are happening in the world of Hasphal. He will be a great addition to our game and we would like to thank Steven Lee Potts for his participation in letting us design his NPC. If anyone else wants their npc designed who pledged for the noble tier, please let me know I will be more than happy to get it done for you.

We are going to start streaming our game for you guys. We are also thinking about streaming some games that have been inspirations for CT: DR. Games like Tomb Raider, Suikoden 2, and Final Fantasy 8. We would like to let you guys know how we have come up with our ideas for what we have now and give a bit more of a synopsis on what we plan for the future of our game. If you can not catch the streams we’ll be sure to upload it for you once we are able to.

Just 2 weeks left! I am very excited and very nervous about it. We have come this far and I would really hate to lose the progress that we had with this campaign. We are still doing all the things we need to do in order to move forward. The good thing is we have less than half of our goal to go.

Don’t forget to share our project on facebook and twitter.

Thank you everyone,

-Tyrell and Whitney White

Character Liz the Demon?



One of the flagship images we have been using is one of the main antagonists, Liz. This lizard like creature is a very loyal friend to Sinara. Her protector and pet, Liz is always by her side. Liz is regarded as a mutated female demon. She is articulate enough not be regarded as an animal and too monstrous to be regarded as a human.

Liz Sprite

Liz was given to Sinara as a pet egg. Sinara was told that Liz was a demon and has always regarded her as such. Sinara held her in little regard and has always treated Liz with tough love. Liz grew to accept Sinara’s tough love and protects her with her life.


Views on Hasphal

Liz takes her world philosophies from Sinara, nothing really matters more to her life than her Sinara. Sinara taught Liz to hold little regard for humans or jehts. Liz feels no connections to even her supposed jeht lineage as no jeht has ever looked remotely like her.


Powers and abilities

Liz was trained by Sinara to a be a ferocious defender. Liz specializes in using defensive skills coupled with her great strength and durability. Liz carries a shield, which she uses offensively and defensively. She needs no other weapons as her claws are enough to cut through solid steel. Her strength is immense, Liz is able to lift 100 tons with exceptional ease and is durable enough to resist most sharp and blunt weapons as well as projectiles.
More news!!!


punk and lizard


Thanks again to everyone, we are quickly approaching the 60% mark. We want to send out an even bigger thank you to you guys, we really appreciate everything that you have done for our project. You guys are really making our dreams come true. Every bit of work that we have put into this game is finally getting the attention we have always believed it deserved. Our next stop is getting the game funded, completed and planning for its release in 2015.

Until next time, share our project on twitter and facebook. Like and share with anyone you know.

Thanks again,

– Tyrell and Whitney White

Our Third Kickstarter Pt. 18

We’ll be going over all of our kickstarter updates.

September 2014 Kickstarter Update #20.

Our campaign is coming to its end.

This has been another great experience with just a little time left we are still looking to do this. Maybe I just have a lot of faith but we shall see what happens in the end. Regardless of whatever happens I want you all to know we appreciate your time spent into our campaign. We have a great game and it will be made!

DR Cover

I believe we have a story that needs to be told. We want to bring more diversity into the gaming world and we feel we have the tools to make it into something big. I think that is the dream of most indie developers is to be the next Super Meat Boy, or Braid.

I believe this is something that will put my kids through college and give my family a better life. There is nothing like being able to use your talents to support your family. If we just had this one chance to show everyone what we could really do, we know we could shock the world. We will never know until we get this opportunity. If it happens now or a month from now, we will always remember the people who supported us first.

Thanks again for all your support we truly appreciate it,

-Tyrell White

Our Third Kickstarter Pt. 17

We’ll be going over all of our kickstarter updates.

September 2014 Kickstarter Update #20.


In a previous update we talk about a character named Mioni and her role in the game. She is pretty much your 1st encounter with crafting. She will be your central hub for doing so in the beginning of the game. In today’s update we go over mostly everything you need to know about that system.