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Our 4th Kickstarter Pt. 22

We Made It!!!

Thanks to all of you fantastic people for funding our project. This has been a long time coming and we are ready to get to work on our game and bring you an amazing experience. There have been so many risks and sacrifices that we have taken in order to get this game to the state it is in and with your help it is going to be even better. It is going to have better animations, more music, more art and everything in between. This is truly a dream come true and we hope you all continue to join us in our development. Bringing our characters to life in this game to you all will be an honor.

For those of you who will still like to pledge through paypal we are giving you a limited time to still claim some of the lower tier rewards. So we will be placing a link to the paypal here for you to pledge on our website for those rewards. Later we will change it to simple donations, and a time after that we will want to sell T-shirts or possibly hoodies for those who are interested. 

Backer Rewards

I have contacted our artist Ricky Gunawan and talked to him about the wallpapers and the other backer rewards such as the boss portraits and other things. If we have not already sent you a message requesting information on your NPC or boss character, we will do that soon. We look forward to working with you on your creative content and we will start on that stuff as soon as we get all of your information.

We will give more information on the steam greenlight entry soon, as we may have an alternate way of approaching that platform. We will give information on as soon as we can!

What now?

Our focus now is to get all our people together. We have already set goals. We are going to re-clarify everything and then everything is going to move quite rapidly. My focus will be on the battle system and animations if we want the impact that we are going for this is a main priority. So I will be analyzing what we have now adding some frames to animations. Adding the combo animations and perfecting some designs and motions. I will also be doing a template for the npcs this way we can have cloths made so that they can be layered on top of them to be interchanged and edited much easier. Jynx will be started. He requires a lot of effects so I will be doing his base sprites. Since a lot of him requires transformations, he will be very effect heavy.

Yin will correct any bugs we have seen so far and get the optimization going as soon as possible. That has been a problem for people with older computers. We need the battle system completed first in order to do that. We should get that done for the most part before the month is over.

Our Goals

Our goal for this project is to make this game a notable commodity in the gaming world. We have seen a lot of indie games reach such status in the gaming world like Shovel Knight, SuperMeatBoy and Braid among many more titles. We want to stand out in the RPG genre by being notable for story, exploration, presentation and having the best battle system. There are some really great 2D RPGs that are coming out, so that is going to be a challenge but one that we accept and want to be involved in. Games like You Are Not The Hero, Toby’s Island and Celestian Tales: Old North  are really high quality games that stand out in this genre. We all aim to excel as indies but bring that AAA dynamic that we have known these games could be in the past and present.

Thanks to everyone we most certainly could not get this far without you and in order to make a really dynamic and fun game we hope that you will all join us in the process.

Thank you so much you all are the best!

-Tyrell and Whitney White

20% to go!!!

80% and rising! We are really doing well, we almost have 200 backers which is exciting for us. With less than $900 to go we are really moving and gaining momentum on reaching our goal. This is probably the most important moment in our lives from here we can do really great things and we are glad you all are a part of it. With just 4 days we are looking at really good things for the future of our game and start up.

Is Sen offensive?…..

Just recently we got a message that our main character portrait could come off as offensive. As we have pointed out before we give our artist concept and let him have a bit of creative control on how the characters are presented. One of the things he did was make Sen’s chest a bit more detailed. It never bothered us and we did not look at that as a big deal. In fact, we figured he took her story and used it as a way to show that she lacked some knowledge and resources having lived by herself in a secluded place. We figured the people who support us would know better.  As you would also be the demographic for anyone who is actually interested in the game. I always figured it was very insignificant and posed little attention to anyone. This game features some pretty mature subjects and we figure those who play this would be the same.

Please let us know, as we are always up for some more opinions and critique.

Our 4th Kickstarter Pt. 19

Just a little over a week and we are nearing the 70% mark. I have been tweeting all morning and trying to get more press as the last few days go by. We are anticipating some really good exposure towards the end of the campaign to launch us into our final goal. We basically have $1,400 to go and we are really close to this.

Running 4 campaigns has not been a healthy thing for us mentally and physically. I believe it has prepared us for the long haul and has made our game a lot better, and with this campaign in particular it has given us a lot more fans and interaction. It is really fun talking to people who actively support you. We are hoping someday we can return the favor. It is really tough failing. You ask yourself is it worth it, will people enjoy what you are doing and when you get all the positive reception around the web, it just gives you more confidence to move forward.

This time we are at 70%!!! We’ve never been that close I am not set on heartbreak at this point this time. There are nothing but positives at this point and I am hoping you all will help us share our project and get some more pledges in this last leg of the campaign.

We are ready to really bring the game out in its true light and show you all the true potential of our project. We just need the funding because we already have the support from the most fantastic people in the world, the backers of this Kickstarter campaign. Some of you have been with us since 2012 and I am very grateful that you have been with us this entire time. I can not say enough about the support you all have given us. Thank you all very much!

-Tyrell and Whitney White

Thanks we are almost home!!!

Streaming at 8:30pm EST

I’m going to try and Stream again tonight. This time I am going to be doing a bit of spriting. I will be redesigning the white wolf and with you guys help, we can all determine his outcome. He uses an older slightly modified version of the regular wolves, so I will be separating him from that as well as making some new more defining modifications. You guys can look at Whitney and myself go through our creative process and see how we get our cool looking sprites the way they are. I hope to see you there.


So I am nearly done with Luth’s card although I have some more things I need to tighten up. I like his story and his output on the things that are happening in the world of Hasphal. He will be a great addition to our game and we would like to thank Steven Lee Potts for his participation in letting us design his NPC. If anyone else wants their npc designed who pledged for the noble tier, please let me know I will be more than happy to get it done for you.

We are going to start streaming our game for you guys. We are also thinking about streaming some games that have been inspirations for CT: DR. Games like Tomb Raider, Suikoden 2, and Final Fantasy 8. We would like to let you guys know how we have come up with our ideas for what we have now and give a bit more of a synopsis on what we plan for the future of our game. If you can not catch the streams we’ll be sure to upload it for you once we are able to.

Just 2 weeks left! I am very excited and very nervous about it. We have come this far and I would really hate to lose the progress that we had with this campaign. We are still doing all the things we need to do in order to move forward. The good thing is we have less than half of our goal to go.

Don’t forget to share our project on facebook and twitter.

Thank you everyone,

-Tyrell and Whitney White

Our 4th Kickstarter Pt. 13

Publishing, Interview and more


We have been in talks with a publisher who wants to help with the overall polish of the game. They are not funding us or anything, but I think as backers you all would like to know this information. We have always talked about publishing before. It is something that we were never really looking for because of legal reasons and to protect our IP. These guys are working with us to come up with some solutions and I’m hoping they could use their network to get the rest of the funding that we would need, if we do decide to partner with them.

We do not want to mention the publisher until we are completely sure we are doing business with them.


We have had a really fun interview at RPGWatch. We talk about using our current engine, how we formed our company and the plans we have for the game. We even go over some of the systems in the game a bit deeper than we expressed at other places. Give it a look, I think it is a pretty good read.
2 Weeks Left!!!

We are almost at the official half way mark of our campaign. We need as much help as possible. It feels really good to get where we are right now, but we really have to make some moves. We are on twitter, facebook and reddit trying to spread the word, but we need your help too.

Please share our project. It only helps get our project into more eyes and that gets us more funding!

– Whitney & Tyrell White

Backer NPC, Luth

We have had a chance to work with backers on their NPC characters. The one that we are going to present in this update is a character by the name of Luth.


When he was younger, he was captured along with a few of his friends. When they were rounded up by the group of soldiers, they were tortured and beaten just for the amusement of the men. As the night carried on and the men had more drinks in them, they started making him and his friends fight, though the jehts were not given weapons and the soldiers fought with them. After watching most of his friends fall, he stopped remembering things and only came to a short distance away from the camp. His tattered clothes soaked in blood, but most of it was not his even though he did have a few nasty cuts of his own.

His outlook: Despite what happened to him, he feels he’s seen the demon in both humans and his own people. Neither of them are really all that different, they’re all just afraid and they need something to blame for that fear. So the humans blame the jehts and the jehts blame the humans.

Luth's over world sprite
Luth’s over world sprite

I had some fun spriting Luth. I think he has a great design and back story. We would of course be making him a character in the card game and doing a full sprite of him. I just wanted you all to have a look at some of the backers creations. This is not the final design as Steven may want some changes to the over-world sprite.

We are nearly at the half way point of our campaign! We are past our half way funding point and with less than $2,000 left to go! I know we have a good chance at making our goal. We have had some great discussion on Reddit and we would love for more of you to join us.

Please share our project on Twitter and Facebook. We have so much time left and so small of a goal to go. Thank you everyone for your support we can do it!

Our 4th Kickstarter Pt.11

Updated Demo, Reddit and more news.

Constant testing

So as the campaign goes on, we are also trying to get some more development done. Whitney has been hammering out some new issues that have come up during recent testing of the demo. We have seen things from streams and lets plays that are an issue, and we have been taken care of most of them. We want the game to be as bug free as possible, even in its current form we want players to have a smooth and enjoyable experience.

1.06 –

– Guarding is now working as it should. (Last update I just made it work, but now it works properly lol)

– Spamming the slice button gets Jagen stuck in that position forever has been FIXED.

– Jagen’s evasion pose is fixed now.

– Fixed tripling damage bug.

– Rebalancing of enemies damage values.

– Various tweaks.

– Fixed some menu mishaps.

Updated Demo

DR Reddit

We have just launched yet another Reddit thread. If you guys would like to help us in some conversation about the game we could gain some more attention and possibly more fans. I opened up a thread to openly talk about the game right now and what it could possibly be. With your help we can produce a much better game.

Don’t forget to share our project on twitter and facebook, it helps us get to our goal much faster!

Thanks again,

– Tyrell and Whitney White

More news

Character Liz the Demon?



One of the flagship images we have been using is one of the main antagonists, Liz. This lizard like creature is a very loyal friend to Sinara. Her protector and pet, Liz is always by her side. Liz is regarded as a mutated female demon. She is articulate enough not be regarded as an animal and too monstrous to be regarded as a human.

Liz Sprite

Liz was given to Sinara as a pet egg. Sinara was told that Liz was a demon and has always regarded her as such. Sinara held her in little regard and has always treated Liz with tough love. Liz grew to accept Sinara’s tough love and protects her with her life.


Views on Hasphal

Liz takes her world philosophies from Sinara, nothing really matters more to her life than her Sinara. Sinara taught Liz to hold little regard for humans or jehts. Liz feels no connections to even her supposed jeht lineage as no jeht has ever looked remotely like her.


Powers and abilities

Liz was trained by Sinara to a be a ferocious defender. Liz specializes in using defensive skills coupled with her great strength and durability. Liz carries a shield, which she uses offensively and defensively. She needs no other weapons as her claws are enough to cut through solid steel. Her strength is immense, Liz is able to lift 100 tons with exceptional ease and is durable enough to resist most sharp and blunt weapons as well as projectiles.
More news!!!


punk and lizard


Thanks again to everyone, we are quickly approaching the 60% mark. We want to send out an even bigger thank you to you guys, we really appreciate everything that you have done for our project. You guys are really making our dreams come true. Every bit of work that we have put into this game is finally getting the attention we have always believed it deserved. Our next stop is getting the game funded, completed and planning for its release in 2015.

Until next time, share our project on twitter and facebook. Like and share with anyone you know.

Thanks again,

– Tyrell and Whitney White

Kerell Eyes

Before Whitney and I decided to work together on Demon’s Revenge I was working on my own game called Erupt the Inferno. It was an RPG made from RPG Maker 2003, but had many iterations on older programs. It was absolutely poorly written the story was everywhere and the dialogue was terrible. As I had started to move further in the game, my skills with story telling and dialogue had gotten remarkably better. I’d even begun to work on some stories that I wrote when I was a kid, stories that were ironically way more interesting and well crafted.
Kerell Sprite
Kerell as he will appear in CT:Erupt the Inferno Kerell as he will appear in CT:Erupt the Inferno

In those stories came a character that I had created since I was old enough to draw. In some ways he represented me and my personal traits. Kerell is that character, and Whitney and I have combined our worlds to create a seamless universe of games that we plan to do in the future called the “Celestial Tear.”

Thoughts on Hasphal

I can not give away too much about his background, but I can say a bit about his views on the world of Hasphal. Kerell sees the conflict that is happening on Hasphal as one that he can not control. He has experienced enough of what people have done to each other and until he can find a solution, he has no reason to comment or critique peoples’ actions. Kerell resembles neither human nor jeht, so most people are confused of his race once he is around. He is generally a nice guy, but on first sight he can be very brooding and intimidating.

Powers and abilities:

Kerell is very durable and able to withstand blows that would cripple even the strongest of jehts. He is a fairly skilled fighter but relies on his strength and durability to control a battle. He posses a seemingly mystical axe and is equipped with an unknown armor. Kerell’s rage amplifies his abilities and cause his eyes to glow and his body to heat up in a fiery aura.
Celestial Tear: Erupt the Inferno

Erupt the Inferno is a game that we plan to return to. Although it will not be a RPG, it will directly be effected by the events of Demon’s Revenge. We have decided to make this a fighting game. Having experience with the MUGEN engine, we feel that we can make a real strong 2d fighter that even the most hardcore would enjoy.

We have many great ideas and concepts that goes into this entire universe that we have created. Demon’s Revenge is our first step in bringing those ideas to life, and with all your help, you are truly making this a reality.

Thank you for everything you are doing for us we are definitely on our way!

Until next time, share our project on twitter and facebook. Like and share with anyone you know.

Thanks again,

– Tyrell and Whitney White

Yay, we finally launched our kickstarter! Ok, I know I’m a little late, but yesterday I was too excited to write anything and instead posted short blurbs about it everywhere, but today I’m still all over the place, but a little bit better. I posted about it in the newsletter and in the newsletter I also mentioned that we’ll be updating the demo soon to address some bugs and suggestions. (more…)