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20% to go!!!

80% and rising! We are really doing well, we almost have 200 backers which is exciting for us. With less than $900 to go we are really moving and gaining momentum on reaching our goal. This is probably the most important moment in our lives from here we can do really great things and we are glad you all are a part of it. With just 4 days we are looking at really good things for the future of our game and start up.

Is Sen offensive?…..

Just recently we got a message that our main character portrait could come off as offensive. As we have pointed out before we give our artist concept and let him have a bit of creative control on how the characters are presented. One of the things he did was make Sen’s chest a bit more detailed. It never bothered us and we did not look at that as a big deal. In fact, we figured he took her story and used it as a way to show that she lacked some knowledge and resources having lived by herself in a secluded place. We figured the people who support us would know better. ¬†As you would also be the demographic for anyone who is actually interested in the game. I always figured it was very insignificant and posed little attention to anyone. This game features some pretty mature subjects and we figure those who play this would be the same.

Please let us know, as we are always up for some more opinions and critique.

So I am nearly done with Luth’s card although I have some more things I need to tighten up. I like his story and his output on the things that are happening in the world of Hasphal. He will be a great addition to our game and we would like to thank Steven Lee Potts for his participation in letting us design his NPC. If anyone else wants their npc designed who pledged for the noble tier, please let me know I will be more than happy to get it done for you.

We are going to start streaming our game for you guys. We are also thinking about streaming some games that have been inspirations for CT: DR. Games like Tomb Raider, Suikoden 2, and Final Fantasy 8. We would like to let you guys know how we have come up with our ideas for what we have now and give a bit more of a synopsis on what we plan for the future of our game. If you can not catch the streams we’ll be sure to upload it for you once we are able to.

Just 2 weeks left! I am very excited and very nervous about it. We have come this far and I would really hate to lose the progress that we had with this campaign. We are still doing all the things we need to do in order to move forward. The good thing is we have less than half of our goal to go.

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Thank you everyone,

-Tyrell and Whitney White

Backer NPC, Luth

We have had a chance to work with backers on their NPC characters. The one that we are going to present in this update is a character by the name of Luth.


When he was younger, he was captured along with a few of his friends. When they were rounded up by the group of soldiers, they were tortured and beaten just for the amusement of the men. As the night carried on and the men had more drinks in them, they started making him and his friends fight, though the jehts were not given weapons and the soldiers fought with them. After watching most of his friends fall, he stopped remembering things and only came to a short distance away from the camp. His tattered clothes soaked in blood, but most of it was not his even though he did have a few nasty cuts of his own.

His outlook: Despite what happened to him, he feels he’s seen the demon in both humans and his own people. Neither of them are really all that different, they’re all just afraid and they need something to blame for that fear. So the humans blame the jehts and the jehts blame the humans.

Luth's over world sprite
Luth’s over world sprite

I had some fun spriting Luth. I think he has a great design and back story. We would of course be making him a character in the card game and doing a full sprite of him. I just wanted you all to have a look at some of the backers creations. This is not the final design as Steven may want some changes to the over-world sprite.

We are nearly at the half way point of our campaign! We are past our half way funding point and with less than $2,000 left to go! I know we have a good chance at making our goal. We have had some great discussion on Reddit and we would love for more of you to join us.

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Character Liz the Demon?



One of the flagship images we have been using is one of the main antagonists, Liz. This lizard like creature is a very loyal friend to Sinara. Her protector and pet, Liz is always by her side. Liz is regarded as a mutated female demon. She is articulate enough not be regarded as an animal and too monstrous to be regarded as a human.

Liz Sprite

Liz was given to Sinara as a pet egg. Sinara was told that Liz was a demon and has always regarded her as such. Sinara held her in little regard and has always treated Liz with tough love. Liz grew to accept Sinara’s tough love and protects her with her life.


Views on Hasphal

Liz takes her world philosophies from Sinara, nothing really matters more to her life than her Sinara. Sinara taught Liz to hold little regard for humans or jehts. Liz feels no connections to even her supposed jeht lineage as no jeht has ever looked remotely like her.


Powers and abilities

Liz was trained by Sinara to a be a ferocious defender. Liz specializes in using defensive skills coupled with her great strength and durability. Liz carries a shield, which she uses offensively and defensively. She needs no other weapons as her claws are enough to cut through solid steel. Her strength is immense, Liz is able to lift 100 tons with exceptional ease and is durable enough to resist most sharp and blunt weapons as well as projectiles.
More news!!!


punk and lizard


Thanks again to everyone, we are quickly approaching the 60% mark. We want to send out an even bigger thank you to you guys, we really appreciate everything that you have done for our project. You guys are really making our dreams come true. Every bit of work that we have put into this game is finally getting the attention we have always believed it deserved. Our next stop is getting the game funded, completed and planning for its release in 2015.

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Thanks again,

– Tyrell and Whitney White

More Character Art

Here is a nice little April fools gift…. Wait. Do people give gifts on April fools day? What? They just trick people?? How cruel. Well this is no trick, I assure you. We just want to show you something beautiful! (If you’ve been keeping up with us on twitter, this may be old news) (more…)