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Hey everyone!

Today we have a new update for you, but before we continue with that we just want to congratulate Ricky, our main artist, on his new baby!

Now on to the update!

We’ve been hard at work over the past 2 weeks working on the game’s story, making progress on battlers among other things. Tyrell has been going non stop on the battlers and is currently working on our resident martial artist, Amira! She’s gotten a revamped stance removing the staff since she is a weapon master. We felt that the weapon mastery should be incorporated in her moves while her bare hands skills should be default.

And to think, I wanted to kill her off! Haha!

Next in the art department, Ricky has finished a different section of Origin Forest! This is the area that Sen roams. Looks spooky doesn’t it!

Michael has produced more infobook icons. These are some status effect healing items along with the tent, the new analyze, and some scrolls. I look at the new design for the analyze and I’m in awe! The scrolls came out exactly how I wanted them to too!

The assets are really coming together for me to work with!

The updated battle system is also on it’s way too, so stay tuned for that! Hopefully in the next update or the next after that, we’ll be able to show you guys a little sneak peek of it. We should be acquainted with the system by then.

I’ve been recreating a lot of stuff that I thought could come out better, like the scene that happens at Sen’s house after Jagen meets her. I can also say that I’ve officially moved on from the intro of the game!So yeah, progress is a little slow this month, but stuff is still getting done! This would not even be happening without you guys. Sometimes I still can’t believe it lol. Being able to work on our game is the best Christmas gift ever. Speaking of Christmas, before we go, I want to say happy holidays to everyone! ๐Ÿ˜€

– Whitney & Tyrell

More Stuff

Hey guys, this update was supposed to be posted last night, but we had a power outage in our area and while we were informed that it came back on in about an hour, it seemed like a lot of time that we were in the dark and we just ended up falling asleep lol.

Anyway, for the update. We have a few things that we want to show you! Progress is coming along very well on everything except for tiles and battlers which take a while to make and get right. Last update, I mentioned that we might need a change of style due to no one being available to mimic the style of tiles that we had. Well that was indeed the case, so right now, the tiles in the demo are officially placeholders. We’ve gotten a new team member named Leen to help us out on that front. So far we’ve got a couple of trees to show you for one of the areas of the game.

It’s a dead area, but she made them in green too, just in case. I know it’s not cool enough until you see it IN game, but we don’t have enough tiles to show it in action yet. I think it will look just fine once everything is in place!

Michael has been hard at work with more infobook art!

These are some more basic items, like oreno aura, mislet vial and a few status effect healing potions. Once again, I have to say the creativity put behind so many different potion bottles and vials is mind boggling. I personally think they are gorgeous!

We’ve gotten a few music tracks back from Mark as well. I’ll only show one though (I don’t want to spoil ALL of the music even though it is way too exciting to keep to myself!)

Behold one of our sci-fi themed areas: Dangerous Spaceship. Creative name for the song, I know :P. Our songs currently have no names. Mark will do that when the soundtrack is ready for release and after having played the full game to get a good feel for what the name should actually be.

Mark is currently reworking Sinara’s battle theme. I know a lot of people liked the original, so I really just want it to be a remake in his style, but of course with his own original twist.

I’ve been building new maps for the new desert location, Annox. We’ve talked about this area a few times in previous updates. Annox Desert is a HUGE area consisting of a palace, 2 villages, only one being in chapter 1, and an area called the sands which is the outskirts area where you can do some battling and exploring. Since I’m using placeholder graphics, I’d like to wait before I show it off because who knows, it might be something totally different when it is complete with the new tiles! I’ve also been doing some light coding, but I’ve mostly been trying to focus on moving the story along. Side quests will be the last thing I do.

Tyrell has been breezing through the spriting process when it comes to the smaller characters, but the battlers definitely take a ton of time to make and to make them right requires that extra eye (Me :D) which makes the process take even longer. While there is a template we can use for humans on the map, there’s no template we can use for our battlers. They have to be made original.

The next thing Ricky will be working on is the card template for the minigame.

With all of that said, I want to let you guys know that a lot of our team will be taking a vacation during December for holidays. So work on art assets like the above shown will be a little slow and we’ll have more to show on that in January! Until then, we’ll keep doing our part and we’ll have some things to show for ourselves during December.

Hope you enjoyed this update, don’t forget to join us on facebook and/or twitter! Check our website from time to time. We update it when we have new stuff to put up!

– Whitney & Tyrell

More News & Progress

So we have been off to a great start. I have been trying my best to fit in whatever time I could get between my job to get some spriting done and like I said in a previous update, Sen is my priority. Since she is the main focus in chapter one, she has to be the most fleshed out character. So we want to get her as complete as possible in all aspects before the month is done.


Face portrait
Face portrait

One of the big things I am focusing on with her is her battler sprites making transitions and having the sprites animations move as smooth as possible.

Battler Animations

Run transition
Run transition

Here you will see a transition I have been working on between the run and the stance. Making the sprite animations flow into each other in seamless animations will make a much more enjoyable experience. Presentation is very important to us and we are putting a lot of effort into it.

New run
New run
Old run
Old run

You can see the difference between the older and more recent animations here. With the added reliability of the funding I have been able to go back and redo a lot of Sen’s much older sprites. Through time, we have really learned a lot and now implementing those skills have really produced some great results.

New attack
New attack

We have been working on characterization and making the animations look more dynamic. Each character’s style of play will vary and having those attacks and animations look far more exciting than what you have seen in our demo has become a major goal. As you can see we have reworked Sen’s stance to have her hair and shirt move just a tad bit more for those who remember the one we showed during the kickstarter campaign.

I do not want to give away the entire animation library of sprites for each character so I will try to hold much more back in the future but still show you guys progress. ๐Ÿ™‚

Sprite Template
Sprite Template

I had also been working on a bunch of templates that we are using for NPCs. Male/female of larger and smaller characters as well as elderly characters are all done.

Along with the progressing the story, Whitney has been talking business with a lot of people and getting everyone prepared for the work ahead. We’ve learned that there’s really nobody who is able to replicate the style of our current tiles, so you may or may not see some changes in style, we are still talking about that.

As most of you know, we were talking about signing with a publisher before the kickstarter ended. Turns out the deal was a win for us! They have introduced us to many knowledgeable people and even got us connected to our new artist. He works on items specifically for the infobook. Michael Rookard!

He’s already completed some work for us. Take a look at it!

A few basic items
A few basic items

Ricky is currently working on the second wallpaper, which is in the same style except with the chapter 1 main villains. We have the sketch of that too and it looks like it is going to turn out great! Let’s see if you can recognize any of them from the sketch alone!

With that said, I think we are done for this update! I hope you guys enjoyed it! I look forward to giving you guys more news in another 2 weeks! (Yeah, I know we’ve been giving info in between, but we still want to stick to every 2 weeks :P)

– Whitney & Tyrell White

Wallpapers & More!

The Amira portrait is complete and you can read a little bit more about what she can do and her backstory. I mentioned a bit more about her in older updates but I think it is still pretty cool to read about her again.

The 1st of 3 wallpapers is complete! Ricky has done an amazing job and it is really cool to see all the playable characters in chapter one lined up in a single image. I think the pencils are simply amazing by itself and seeing it colored should be very inspiring.

You can not imagine how this feels to really get our game moving the way it has within the past couple of weeks. We are having a lot of fun working on everything. When this is done we will be sending this first one to all the backers who pledged $8 and up and we hope you enjoy it and add it to your rotation of badass wallpapers.

As far as the game is concerned our priority has been towards getting Sen’s part done. So I have been working on some battle sprites and some sprite improvements that I will show in our next update. I have been spending a good amount of time on her since last week and I can not wait to show you all what I have personally been up too. Aside from battlers I have been working on templates for NPCs, but my priority at the moment is battlers.

Whitney has been consistently working with the coders with two things.The trading card mini game and the battle system. The battle system is on its way as we are getting the combo system implemented and perfected. She has also made a very detailed mock-up of the card system, I’m not sure if she wants to share that with you guys to get a good idea of how that system will work but it’s really interesting.

We hope you all enjoyed this update. We are working towards a goal for the end of the month and hopefully we will have something grand to show you. I have recently gotten blasted with way more hours at my job than I expected (probably due to the holidays) which gives me a little less time than I would like to work on my craft, but I will not let that hold me back. It just gives me more money to put towards the game which makes everything much better.

Thanks again for all your support we really appreciate it. ๐Ÿ™‚

– Tyrell and Whitney White

Everything Is Coming Together!!

Amira's pencils
Amira’s pencils

So we have had an exciting and progressive week. We have contacted everyone we have doing commission work for us and soon the wallpapers will be available. Right now, Ricky has done the portrait for Amira. We wanted to do this first so we know what everyone looks like and have the characters finalized.

We are also looking into getting our trading card game done so we are doing the starting work on that system. The battle system is still the top priority so that is getting done too.

Mark, our musician, is off to making some brilliant compositions. I am happy to say that the album for chapter 1 will have over 20 tracks O_o. Whitney is really particular with the music for our game and it is as important to her as the gameplay itself.

We will soon be deleting our Steam greenlight entry because we will be working with a digital publishing company called Degica, who will get us on steam among other platforms. They have published a few games on Steam, gamestop.comย and Amazon. They will also be helping us with translating the game to japanese as well as doing some promotion.

This is a dream come true and I want to let you all know that we truly appreciate everything you have done and that we are off to a great start. We will try to do an update every 2 weeks no matter how big or small.

Thanks again,

-Tyrell and Whitney White