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Chapter 1
Ep.1 – November 19, 2015
Ep.1 : Rerelease – Q3 2018
Ep.2 – Q2 2019
Ep.3 – Q4 2019


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Celestial Tear: Demon’s Revenge is an RPG set in a sci-fi fantasy world. You begin your journey on the planet Hasphal where prejudice seems to have torn the world apart since the beginning of time. Humans have proclaimed jehts, the native beings of Hasphal, disfigured, dangerous, and unworthy of living on the same planet. They believed them to be monstrous creatures from Remerin (a hellish place). They decreed them to be demons and hunted them down in honor of their Gods. Join Sen as she finds herself thrust into the middle of conflict, discovering the mysteries about herself and the true history of Hasphal and its inhabitants. Everything is not what it appears to be as religion and life itself unfolds in this exciting adventure. Fight epic battles, turn based, fully animated system with environmental interaction. Explore our world and discover secret areas and puzzles. Experience the motion comic cut scenes that set the pace for this epic adventure.



Demon’s Revenge comes from our love to create games. We have always created stories and characters as individuals, but this game gave us the opportunity to collaborate, bringing both of our styles and experiences together. We’d been making this game for years before we began the actual development. We have been taking the time to refine our skills and build a team that could see this project to our full vision. Our main goal is to make a game that will be balanced in presentation, gameplay and story. By that I mean we do not want one aspect of the game to overshadow another. We feel too many JRPGs concentrate on one thing or the other and leave the others lacking. We want to avoid that. We want to create a truly memorable experience in the same light as Final Fantasy 7, Chrono Trigger and Suikoden 2.


  • Discover a world full of 2D pixel animations.
  • Indulge in story and action through the exciting motion comic cut scenes.
  • Use strategy and plan your party based on what they can do in a unique battle system. The environment could be your greatest weapon or your worst enemy. Cut down trees or throw pillars at your enemies to gain an advantage in battle.
  • Find secrets and explore as you uncover artifacts and quests to discover lore and other unique items.
  • Explore the diverse world of Hasphal. Climb mountains or dive deep into oceans. Visit grand palaces, mystical forests and beautiful cities.
  • Experience both the day and night system. As time goes by different creatures emerge. Players and enemies’ skills change depending on what time of the day it is. People go on about their daily lives as they react to the time of day, or day in a week.
  • Solve fun and engaging puzzles. Use individual tools and skills of each character to solve a variety of puzzles and obstacles. Jump over cliffs and slice down trees, what ever it takes to move your journey along.


CT:DR Trailer
Our latest trailer which features the voice of Jon Baily who just so happens to be a cool guy 🙂 Gameplay and cutscene footage is shown.

Comic Cutscene (Sprited)
Here is one of our sprited cutscenes. In between certain story points, we will have these supplementing the motion comics.

The Voice Behind The Characters
This video is a small sample of the voice acting that will be in the game. Only for important scenes!

Our First VLog
Hope you guys enjoy our awkwardness 😛 We obviously need practice!

The Motion Comic Intro
In all of it’s glory, this is a great collaboration of artists telling our story!

CT:DR First Trailer
This is the first official trailer for Demon’s Revenge. it showcases exploration as well as the battle system.

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Press Copy:

A press copy of our latest demo build is available upon request!
E-mail me at

About White Guardian Studios:

White Guardian Studios is currently made up of just two developers. The other members of the team are contract workers. We strive to uphold quality, playability and fun in our games.

Whitney White – Whitney is the writer, developer, coder, and the occasional pixel artist. Whitney has always had a love for games ever since she first picked up a controller and controlled the orange ball of !&*? that is Q-Bert. Whitney has been writing since the days of the dreaded noisy TYPEWRITER and has always wanted to write for games. Now she is finally getting her chance to tell a story to the masses. Whitney has 3 exuberant kids, ages 6, 3, and 1, and manages to balance work, kids, and love every single day. Whitney’s favorite games are Tomb Raider (ALL OF THEM (except the black sheep Angel of Darkness… That doesn’t count :P) ), Suikoden 2, Final Fantasy 8, and Pharaoh.

Tyrell White – Tyrell is the concept artist, pixel artist, co-writer, and co-developer. Drawing has always been a passion for Tyrell and comics were the cause. Tyrell is persistent and passionate about everything his name goes on. That includes his family, his work, hobbies, etc. Tyrell was always a fan of the Wild Arms series as well as the Legacy Of Kain series and has brought some of those influences into CT: DR. He also fills Whitney’s plot holes and comes up with great ideas to make the game better.

Celestial Tear: Demon’s Revenge Team

White Guardian Studios &

Ricky Gunawan – Ricky is the character artist, sequential artist, and environmental artist. He is a talented, hardworking guy. Mainly working on book covers, we got really lucky when we found him and he actually wanted to do work for a game. His art comes in many styles as he is very versatile having done everything from children’s books to anime to gritty comic art. He is very supportive of the team and has become a vital part of it. We hope to bring him on for many other games after this!

Zach Betts – Zach does all of the sound effect design for CT: DR. He is into game design and music, playing for an Australian band called Stone Chimp. He brings a unique style of sound to our game and strives to get it right. He has become a good friend and offers great advice and feedback on the game’s development.

Michael Correa – Michael is one of the composers and has always been supportive of our project. He better be 😛 He’s Whitney’s brother. Michael has taken a step back from working on the game’s music, but still contributes melodies and originals for Mark to work with. Michael has always had a passion for music of all styles as well as video game music from the likes of composers such as Nobuo Uematsu (Surprise).

Eileen Hermann – Eileen is the tile artist of the game. She is very easy to work with, easy to talk to, and willing to work with us. She has already created a full retro tileset for everyone in the community to use and it really showcases her skills as well as some edits to show off. I was really blown away by her retro tiles and we are glad to have her as a member of the team!

Michael Rookard – Michael is the artist for items specifically in the infobook. He is very creative and talented in all that he does. He was picked up by RMWeb, the official website for RPG Maker, to be their bi-weekly battler artist among other things and now he is bringing that artistic talent to Demon’s Revenge.

Mark McKeich – Mark is one of the composers for CT: DR. He is also working on a couple of games, one being a horror game called Oneirophrenia. Mark has also been picked to join the staff of the official RPG Maker community for his outstanding composing abilities.

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Press Releases:

Celestial Tear: Demon’s Revenge To Launch on Aug 20

Previews are available and Celestial Tear will be at PAX Prime! Contact for access or to set up a meeting!

For Immediate Release

Press Contact:
Joseph Lieberman

Celestial Tear: Demon’s Revenge To Launch on Aug 20

Western comic style meets Eastern RPG in a story of racial tension

Aug 6, 2015 – DegiGames in association with White Guardian Studios is proud to announce that Celestial Tear: Demon’s Revenge is coming to Windows PC on August 20, 2015. This episodic role-playing game is the first chapter in the Celestial Tear trilogy, which centers around racial tensions between humans and the native inhabitants on the distant planet of Hasphal. Featuring western comic stylings, a combo based combat system, and classic Eastern RPG designs, Celestial Tear is a unique experience for newcomers or veterans to the genres. Watch the trailer at or visit the website at

The world of Hasphal has a troubled past. When it was colonized by an advanced race of humans ages ago, they didn’t realize they were not the first intelligent life on the planet. Jehts, the natives of this world, hid from the newcomers. Many years passed, and as the generations went by without contact from their original homeworld, facts became stories, legends, and traditions. When the Jehts were discovered, they were not met with the civility that would come with an advanced race, but rather the fear and superstitions that had grown in the void left by their learned ancestors.

Now it has been hundreds of years, the humans fill their ranks with “ridders,” people whose sole mission is the extermination of the Jehts. Demonized by the humans, the once peaceful Jehts have no choice but to embrace the monsters the humans depict them as. So spins with world of Hasphal, once peaceful, now marred by the suffering of two races locked in a cycle of hate and violence.

Celestial Tear: Demon’s Revenge is a traditional style JRPG with a combo based combat system influenced by 2D Fighting Games like Street Fighter 2. It features western art styles with an old school Capcom combat animation system. Enjoy the rich and plentiful voiced story of multiple characters thrown together as they fight to understand how things ever became so terrible on the world of Hasphal. Demon’s Revenge is the first chapter in the Celestial Tear trilogy, which will follow these characters to the fruition or failure of their goals. For more information visit the website at


Preview copies are available! Contact

Press Kit:


Intro Trailer:

White Guardian Studios Begins A Kickstarter Campaign For The New Sci-Fi Fantasy Game Called Celestial Tear: Demon’s Revenge In May
Long Island, NY — 04/28/2014 — White Guardian Studios is a small indie game company that is developing their first intriguing fantasy game for game lovers around the world. The developers have been hard at work preparing their new RPG titled Celestial Tear: Demon’s Revenge, for a kickstarter campaign beginning on May 5th.

Celestial Tear: Demon’s Revenge is an exciting sci-fi fantasy game that begins on the diverse planet of Hasphal. Humans believe that the native creatures are dangerous and disfigured demons from a hellish place called Remerin that should be defeated in the honor and name of their Gods, and for the protection of the inhabitants of the world.

However, the game’s players will soon notice that not everything is what it seems to be. They will be able to completely plunge into the dangerous and thrilling world of epic battles, enjoying this fully animated system. They will join the adventures of Sen, who uncovers the mysteries about the real Hasphal’s history and its “perilous” inhabitants, finding out more about herself, too. The game is full of puzzles and secret areas that will keep the gamers’ attention engaged all the time, while they experience the story with the motion comic cut scenes and 2D pixel animations.
Gamers will be able to carefully plan their strategies in this familiar, yet unique battle system, using the power of the environment or being defeated by it. An advantage over the enemies can be gained when the player throws pillars or cuts down trees, among other things. Multiple artifacts wait to be uncovered and explored.

Everyone will enjoy the contrasted world of Hasphal with its high mountains, deep oceans, mystical forests and cities with impressive landmarks. The game is based on a day and night system with multiple engaging and fun puzzles to be solved.

The Kickstarter campaign will be looking to fund art assets, music, and some pixel work with a modest goal of $30,000.
People who are excited about Celestial Tear: Demon’s Revenge and are willing to learn more about the fantastic world of Hasphal, can visit the following website:


About Us: White Guardian Studios LLC is dedicated to providing customers with the best fantasy games with quality graphics and animation. Our developers have created Celestial Tear: Demon’s Revenge to give gamers an opportunity to fully indulge in their favorite world packed with strategic battles, strange creatures and alluring mysteries.

Company: White Guardian Studios LLC