Demon's Revenge
Here, you will see some official screenshots and videos of gameplay. We will keep this updated as we move along in the game’s progress!

No fear
 Out in the wild
 Az vs Sen
 Those darn ridders
 Deep Origin
 A minigame
 Skill tree
 Main Menu
 Whitney vs Sen
 Lohal Essence

Let’s Play – Celestial Tear: Demon’s Revenge Pt. 3 + Inspirations
Watch as I redeem myself from the previous part by defeating the white wolf in the wolves den. We plan to do more streams, so join us on twitch some time!

Let’s Play – Celestial Tear: Demon’s Revenge Pt. 2
Pt. 2 of the stream. We fixed our mic and were able to talk to people. You can learn some of our inspirations and thought process by watching these streams.

Let’s Play – Celestial Tear: Demon’s Revenge Pt. 1
This is our very first stream. We had some trouble with the mic, but fixed it later on through some crazy workaround because the fans wanted to actually talk to us about the game. This is our very own playthrough of CT: DR.

VLog – Battle System
This VLog explains a lot of things that are implemented into the battle system. It also lets people know what we plan on adding.

CT: DR New Trailer
A little voice acting, gameplay, motion comic. Great representation of what will be in the game itself.

VLog – Crafting
Whitney goes over the crafting system. In the crafting system you are able to mix and experiment with up to 10 items to create a new item which can then be modified by a bonus to enhance it further.

VLog – The Infobook
The infobook is sort of the encyclopedia as well as your quest log. Here you will find a lot of lore and information.

VLog – Menus
We explain some of the stuff in the menus and talk a bit about some interesting systems in the game. Going over a lot of the basics.

Spriting Adelyte
Tyrell records himself spriting the contest winner’s Adelyte!

Thanks To All Of Our Backers
This is a thank you video to all of our backers from our third campaign. The support that we’ve gotten this time around has been nothing less than inspiring. Tyrell is also spriting Hulyzer in this video as he thanks the backers.

CT:DR Trailer
This is the first official trailer for Demon’s Revenge. it showcases exploration as well as the battle system.

Comic Cutscene (Sprited)
Here is one of our sprited cutscenes. In between certain story points, we will have these supplementing the motion comics.

The Voice Behind The Characters
This video is a small sample of the voice acting that will be in the game. Only for important scenes!

Our First VLog
Hope you guys enjoy our awkwardness 😛 We obviously need practice!

The Motion Comic Intro
In all of it’s glory, this is a great collaboration of artists telling our story!

First Intro Concept
Before Ricky came on board, we were doing the motion comics ourselves. Even though this is no longer in use, it has been replicated VERY accurately by Ricky in the current rendition.