Demon's Revenge


Physical Attributes
Height: 7′
Weight: 450lbs
Eye: White
Hair: Black

Special Abilities
Zone has massive strength being able to lift around 3 tons with little effort. His skin is very durable and hard to penetrate with conventional weaponry such as staves and swords. Zone can mimic most abilities that he sees from the natural creatures on Hasphal. Zone’s other natural abilities include being able to project fire from his mouth, and his razor sharp claws, which are able to penetrate most armors and shields.

Weapon Of Choice
Zone uses his sharp and vicious to claws to tear through his opponents.


Zone’s Story

Zone is a jeht and is pretty much the image of how most hasphalians see them. Zone is very quiet around hasphalians, being driven to a life of running from those who hate him. He has adapted him self to the land and learned the ways of most creatures. Combining that with his natural strengths makes him a formidable ally.

Zone grew up in the tribal village of Danakae. Zone’s past is not really something that he likes to revisit as he’s done some terrible things. The people here look at Zone and see a villainous traitor. Someone who would betray his own people for what he wanted. For that, he is not allowed to step foot there.