Demon's Revenge


Physical Attributes
Height: 6’2
Weight: 242
Hair: Black
Eyes: Yellow

Special Abilities
Coming Soon!

Weapon Of Choice
Coming Soon!


Max’s Story

Seemingly out of nowhere, a man arrived in what is known as a cold and harsh place called D’halis. With only a few men by his side he found a way to keep demons away, and if need be extinguish them with little effort. He taught the men how to fight and protect this place. As time went on they elected him their leader. This man was called Grandeur Maximillion. No one knows where he came from or why he decided to help these people. The town started to blindly follow Max and they did everything he told them. He formed a militia which sole purpose was to kill or capture demons. These where the Demon Ridders. He introduced techniques and ancient relics to these people. He ordered the construction of a grand tower with technology this world has never seen. In the years that the tower was under construction, he spread the mighty hand of the ridders all around the world. He became the known leader of Hasphal, and ruled unopposed with the power of the ridders.