Demon's Revenge


Physical Attributes
Height: 6’0″
Weight: 240
Eyes: Red
Hair: Red

Special Abilities
Kerell is very durable and able to withstand blows that would cripple even the strongest of jehts. He is a fairly skilled fighter but relies on his strength and durability to control a battle. He posses a seemingly mystical axe and is equipped with an unknown armor. Kerell’s rage amplifies his abilities and cause his eyes to glow and his body to heat up in a fiery aura.

Weapon Of Choice
Mystical Axe


Kerell’s Story

We can not give away too much about his background, but we can say a bit about his views on the world of Hasphal. Kerell sees the conflict that is happening on Hasphal as one that he can not control. He has experienced enough of what people have done to each other and until he can find a solution, he has no reason to comment or critique peoples’ actions. Kerell resembles neither human nor jeht, so most people are confused of his race once he is around. He is generally a nice guy, but on first sight he can be very brooding and intimidating.

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