Demon's Revenge


Physical Attributes
Height: 6′
Weight: 190
Eyes: Yellow
Hair: Brown

Special Abilities
Jynx’s arm is composed of darkness manipulated by Jynx. When Jynx was a young adult he was caught posing as a human by a group of ridders. They cut his arm off and he could never manipulate it back permanently again. Having to concentrate on the darkness on his arm for such a long period of time has gained his phantom arm increased strength and power.

Weapon Of Choice


Jynx’s Story

Growing up, Jynx has always been able to hide the fact that he is a jeht. He could blend in with hasphalians by changing form and looking like one of them. He attended school with them, worked with them, he wanted to be just like them. Jynx even fell in love with one of them, but that all felt like a lie to Jynx and he could not live his life that way. Accepting that jehts and hasphalians could not live together, Jynx travels like a nomad living with both hasphalians and jehts, trying to find a place for himself in the world.

Jynx is a type of jeht that is able to manipulate his form in order to pass through most organic and inorganic matter and change form. He can assume the physical form of people and objects. Jynx can manipulate his molecules to pass exceptionally fast from one place to another as if to teleport instantly. Jynx would only do this if his path is laid clear and he could see where he is going.

Jynx has traveled Hasphal and has never truly found a place to call home. He has been to many of the cities and small towns of Hasphal and has seen the same type of prejudice and hate towards jhets no matter where he went or which side he was posing on. As much as he would want these things to change he figured it won’t and he eventually alluded to a life of solitude away from both jhets and humans.