Demon's Revenge


Physical Attributes
Height: 6’2
Weight: 230
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black

Special Abilities
Jagen is self trained in most known and rare weapons, most notably the scythe. He has also undergone all of the ridder training which brings a warrior to peak physical and mental capabilities. Jagen has a vast knowledge of strategic and military tactics and literature. He is also an adept alchemist, being able to use herbs and other plants to heal himself and allies.

Weapon Of Choice
Jagen’s weapon of choice is a decorative scythe called Volante. It is made out of valens ore, a nearly unbreakable material. It is a very expensive weapon made of such a light weight and rare material. It makes the scythe very practical and easy to wield.


Jagen’s Story

Born with nobility Jagen has been bred with the finest teachings and training. Jagen’s family and culture has pressured him to hate what he does not understand, jehts. Jagen could not protect his wife against them. He found his wife brutally murdered by jehts. Stricken with grief, unable to slay the “demon” that did this to her, he puts up arms. Not in revenge for his wife but to defend anyone these creatures would come to harm. So he joins the ridders, Hasphal’s elite defenders, to protect the ones who need protecting.
But everything is not what it seems and Jagen’s morals tend to clash with the ideals of the ridders.

Jagen was raised by wealthy owners of an inn located in the town of Pekitzer. He lived a very privileged life and was exposed to some of the finer teachings in all of Hasphal. Jagen’s parents were so busy with the family business that they rarely had time for him. Because of that, Jagen indulged himself in education, religion and training. He grew to embrace the intricacies of strategy and war, and grew a passion for some of the more obscure and unpredictable weapons and fighting styles. Jagen became one of the most formidable tournament fighters in Pekitzer and was eventually recruited by the ridders. He declined initially, but years later volunteered after tragedy struck his life.