Demon's Revenge


Physical Attributes
Height: 6’4″
Weight: 200
Eyes: Emerald
Hair: Purple

Special Abilities
Adelyte can control gusts of winds and usually uses it to enhance her speed. She is also very intelligent and uses that power to manipulate. She travels with a group of mercenaries who are faithful to her and only her and can command them at will.

Weapon Of Choice


Adelyte’s Story

Adelyte is an interesting jeht. She is not exactly good or evil, she lives her life walking in the middle, dancing the shades of grey. Her real talent is her intelligence. She is a master manipulator and always has a decent sized following of others to do her bidding. She is a master of trade on the black market, making money off of war and those that follow her are essentially a band of mercenaries more faithful to her than the money she provides them with. She seems to have good command over the element of wind, using it to bolster her speed and the speed in which she uses her long trident spear. Those who know her have a little fear and a lot of admiration, they are almost enthralled by her very presence. She exudes a fair bit of sexuality but a lot of authority, intrigue, and danger.

Adelyte was created by Fred Green and his wife, who participated in the Boss Design Contest.

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