Demon's Revenge
Sen's Eyes

With every last fiber of her body Sen only knows survival. Her life is vague, plagued by dreams of horror. Frustration of what she believes them to be.

Jagen's Eyes

Born with nobility Jagen has been bred with the finest teachings and training. Jagen’s family and culture has pressured him to hate what he does not understand, jehts.

Jynx's Eyes

Growing up Jynx has always been able to hide the fact that he is a jeht. He could blend in with Hasphalians by changing form and blending in with them. He attended school with them, worked with them, he wanted to be just like them.


Amira has grown up looking at the ridders as role models. The ridders were the great warriors of Hasphal and she believed she could train herself to become one. In Amira’s life, she had never encountered a demon.

Sinara's Eyes

Little is known about the Hasphalian Sinara. Her hate for Jehts is almost as strong as her disdain for her own kind.

Maximillion's Eyes
Grandeur Maximillion

Out of nowhere, a man arrived in what is known as a cold and harsh place called D’halis.

niraku eyes

Niraku was a very positive kid. He was always willing to help any and everyone he met.

adelyte eyes

Adelyte is an interesting jeht. She is not exactly good or evil, she lives her life walking in the middle, dancing the shades of grey.

Kerell Eyes

Kerell resembles neither human nor jeht, so most people are confused of his race once he is around.

Zone's Eyes

This handsome demon is Zone. He is a jeht and is pretty much the image of how most Hasphalians see them.


This lizard like creature is a very loyal friend to Sinara. Her protector and pet, Liz is always by her side.

whose eyes

Stay tuned for more characters. We’ll be updating this section as we get more art and story done! Oh yeah, and no spoilers!