Demon's Revenge

Boss Enemy Design Contest!

We are so excited to be putting up these creative images from participants of the contest! We want to wish everyone luck. We will actually have 2 winners, one voted by the community and one voted by us, the developers!

Voting is over. Adelyte and Analiah Blackthorne are the winners! Congratulations!

Abdullah (Ghadanfar)Fred (Adelyte)Eric (Markus)Justin (Multiple Entries)Tyler (Unknown)Derula (Kanaan Bergah)Mariah & Deanna (Analiah Blackthorne)Tiff (Mikashil)Shawn (Lilith The Succubus)Jordan (Multiple Entries)Tyrone (Unknown)

He is Ghadanfar a.k.a asad al-sahra’a [ lion of the desert]

He is neutral.
He appears only to those that might seem worthy and issues a challenge
His moves are za-eer [lion roar] (Ghadanfar roars like a fearsome lion that causes a status effect like mute and no casting for one turn or no attacking for one turn or so)
se-haam [arrows] (Ghadanfar makes a bow and arrow materialize from sand and shoots upwards a scattering shot)
Zel-zaal [earthquake] (Ghadanfar punches the ground a punch so powerful that will cause the ground to shake)
haboob [dust storm] (Ghadanfar summons a dust storm that causes blind and reduces accuracy)


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Race: Jeht
Physical Attributes
Height: 6’4″
Weight: 200
Hair: Purple
Eyes: Emerald

Special Abilities
Adelyte is an interesting Jeht. She is not exactly good or evil she lives her life walking in the middle, dancing the shades of grey. Her real talent is her intelligence, she is a master manipulator and always has a decent sized following of others to do her bidding. She is a master of trade on the black market making money off of war and those that follow her are essentially a band of mercenaries more faithful to her than the money she provides them with. She seems to have good command over the element of wind, using it to bolster her speed and the speed in which she uses her long trident spear. Those who know her have a little fear and a lot of admiration, they are almost enthralled by her very presence. She exudes a fair bit of sexuality but a lot of authority, intrigue, and danger.

Weapon Of Choice

Strength- 4/10
Durability- 3/10
Speed- 8/10
Intelligence- 8/10
Fighting Skills- 7/10


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Background story:

Markus is a male human who fights with ground/herd/dirt. In the beginning, he works as a farmer to grow plants, fruits, and vegetables as he’s dreaming about joining the army for protecting his land/country. He raises plants for his family business. Later, he receives an invitation of joining the army that he dreams about. He is satisfied in hoping to join them. Then, he asks permission from his parents if he could join the army. Then, his parents accept him to join but his brother denies him to go as he’s worried he would get killed or do something wrong. His father tells Markus’s brother it’s for his will that he’s been telling him about. His brother reluctantly agrees with their father. On the day of the joining the army, he stops working as a farmer and moves to join the army.

Markus has joined the army in the camp. He gets to learn to use some of the weapons such as a sword and shield. He gets to practice his favorite weapon (sword) and with bare hands to defeat enemies.

After his days of training in the camp, he feels prepared for fighting. Then he joins the army men to fight their enemies (knights). He fights one of the knights and then the knight cuts off his blade so hard. He uses his shield to resist him and he knows it’s kinda stupid way to fight like that, so he has no choice. Both his allies and enemies are all killed but only him and his opponent are the only ones left alive. He defeats him by stealing one of the soldiers’ swords and stabs him to the stomach.

After his opponent is defeated, he roams around in the lost woods and there he encounters a tree (imagine MK2 tree stage). He walks close to the tree and he somehow gets trick by having his left leg hung (upside down). There, a man who is a sorcerer, is behind the scheme of hanging him. He tells him to do him a favor. Markus tells him he doesn’t do favors and never will. The sorcerer gets angry and curses him with a bad magic which causes him to have dirt power. Markus receives a curse from the sorcerer after his refusal which makes him have a really bad life and he’s not becoming a knight anymore. Now he has a power of herd which can control plants and trees. Also he could fight with brute strength. Markus has lost his left gauntlet someplace else in the woods and it’s missing. Also he can fight either with his sword or his bare hands. Since he has a curse from the sorcerer, he’s becoming powerful and he has got powers to resist his enemies on his own. However, the curse controls his heart and what he’s doing.


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set one the qbert looking monster hops around and does ramming headbutts and gores you with the crest on its forehead. it’s mouth stretches in size like those snakes that unhinge their jaws to eat kangaroos. The second skinny guy on there is a speed type boss. he runs on those chicken bone legs like a deer, so he’s really fast. his legs are held open with barbed wire to cool his muscles, and the pain drives him to kill. he has magical leech suckers on his palms like that one guy from inuyasha, and a mask over a completely black face with a cyclopic eye.

This big guy has a big, thick scaly body, with thick elephant like arms and legs. his hands are scythes, and his wing(s) and pipes on his back act as exhaust ports to keep him from overheating. when he does overheat, he adds fire damage to his attacks, but also hurts himself a little bit, like with blood magic. when he’s on fire, his speed goes up slightly, and physical attacks against him harm the attacker as well. using ice/water magic on him when he’s on fire cools him off. when he releases exhaust from the pipes on his back, poison smoke comes out which he flaps his buggy wings to spread all around. his eyes are hidden behind some sort of tinted glass like a welder’s mask, so bright flashes can’t diminish his accuracy.

set three:

(1) The demon pear wrapped in barbed wire tied to a mystical ring inscribed with runes, held up on a hook connected to a crane welded to some erector set spider legs.

(2) This is some kind of troll with fur like the mcdonald’s fry guys. he has robotic lobster claws for hands that are riveted onto raw exposed flesh, and human feet that are conspicuously absent with fur.

(3) A hairbrush given life and limb. Brushules (like hercules) is an interdimensional hairbrush man who was exiled from heaven, and must be killed in the process of performing good deeds to get back into heaven, and usurp his usurping uncle from the throne on the hairbrush planet. he’s a one-off weird boss like Culex from super mario rpg. he comes out of nowhere, and has no impact on the story.

(4) Super Barf is a super hero with the power of having a bottomless stomach that turns everything into vomit. he flies by barfing a powerful jetstream at the ground, and can projectile vomit like, a million feet or something.

Set 1

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Big Guy
big guy

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Set 3

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He had one human friend and the humans didn’t like the fact that the human was friend with him so one day they kill the human and tried to kill him so he destroyed them and ever since he has had a divine hatred towards humans


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My boss enemy’s name is Kanaan Bergah. He’s a human, and grew up in a small forest by the water. In fact, his home was hidden in a cave behind a waterfall. Their family / tribe lived there in secrecy, because the forest area used to be demon territory and his forefathers were hunted and found refuge in that cave. So they’ve always lived there in fear of the demons, and their fear became more and more irrational over generations.

Kanaan always was a very lively / promising young kid, and his parents always knew he’d be the hero to step through the waterfall and fight the demons and re-gain their former land. He had been taught to use the elements of earth and water, as that was kinda what was available. He has bright green eyes, brunette hair, very light skin like everyone in his tribe, and is lean, yet muscular.

The day he became of age, as for all strong young men in the tribe, they held his Parting Ceremony. He had to go out and find the monsters that took their lands. His parents were sure that, unlike all the others, he would return triumphantly (rather than not at all). Of course what they don’t know is that the others lately didn’t fall to demons as often as to the dangers of the woods, like wild animals and stuff.

So, with this natural hatred of demons, and unusual strength and willpower, he becomes quite a threat. However, his motivation is not primarily to avenge his forefathers or take back his homeland. He just wants to break free from his chains and stand for his own definition of freedom. In his view, whoever limits another being’s freedom deserves to die. So he wants to “purge” that evil; and in his view, demons and half-demons always belong in this category, and so are people who take their sides.

He fights his way up to power, and eventually has to face the heroes of the game…


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Analiah Blackthorne (1812-1836)


On the night of September 5th, 1836, the entire Blackthorne family was infiltrated and murdered by what later was discovered to be the work of the local mafia. The case was too hot, and the charges for the massacre were mysteriously dropped.

Among the victims of this heinous crime was Analiah, the 24-year-old daughter of Richard Blackthorne. She was a particularly mysterious girl, often
tampering with the unknown and the dark arts. Her father became aware of her magical studies, and had locked her away in the attic whenever he would catch her practicing.

One night, the only possessions she had with her in the attic were her clothes. She took off her mask and began to recant old, practiced spells. It had become the source of her experiments, growing more and more powerful each time she imbued it.

She was wearing her mask at the time of the brutal murders. Some say its power is what keeps her spirit in this world – a “life source” for the dead.


Analiah is well practiced in dark arts magic, using her twisted powers to abduct the souls of mortals, draining their willpower and sometimes possessing their bodies to fight their friends.


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Lilith the Succubus
Lilith is a succubus who lives in the deepest regions of hell she fuels herself on rage and gets men to do her bidding and uses them to make more succubuses.

Lilith The Succubus

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die for his protecting his son and wife but they ended up any way to his hands by mistake. His job is to take the kids that we’re being bad around Christmas and punish them so that they will be good in the future the only way to turn to a krimpus is to die in a unjustified way

Razz & Matazz
There was once two jets name Abel and his brother Kane and Kane was a strong minded person he was not a push over like his brother Abel so one day some humans were messing with Abel and nothing bad just some name calling but Kane was not having it so attack them and end up getting
Wounded so be for he die Abel bonded Kane soul to his arm then Abel was arrested for using dark magic and in prion he sold his soul to get a metal claw that ended up turning his bones in to metal but he had to bring back his brother he cut off his arm so after they left the prison they change there name to razz&matazz and when u play his quest his brother follow u around to learn how u play


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Razz & Matazz
Razz Matazz

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He is from earth, the only survivor from his colonization voyage. A soldier who was enslaved on Hasphal. He managed to massacre his masters. He salvaged what was left of his ship and tech. He became an assassin for hire for whoever presented the best price.


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