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Demon’s Revenge takes place in a sci-fi fantasy world, there is no doubt about it. Although the references to sci-fi are subtle now, later in the game many other things will be revealed. For now, let’s talk about the save points. By now many of you have noticed that the save points in Hasphal are a little… A lot out of place and people kind of just live their lives knowing that these things are there. They are harmless. In fact when people studied them, they noticed that they were rooted to the ground like a tree through its wires. Some people even claim to have seen them fall from the sky. When anything would get near it, it would open and glow a pulsing light drawing people nearer. It’s said that you can see your whole life flashing with each pulse of the light. These foreign machines helped people recover from amnesia and so they were a welcomed artifact to both jehts and humans.

Surely you’ve also ran into the spaceships scattered around the sacred forest.
Jagen makes a discovery under water.

Nobody knows how they got there, but they are running an investigation. Trying to figure out how to get the doors open so they can explore the vessel further and learn from this foreign object.

I’m sure the party knows how to get those doors open though…

Yay, we finally launched our kickstarter! Ok, I know I’m a little late, but yesterday I was too excited to write anything and instead posted short blurbs about it everywhere, but today I’m still all over the place, but a little bit better. I posted about it in the newsletter and in the newsletter I also mentioned that we’ll be updating the demo soon to address some bugs and suggestions. (more…)

Kickstarter Third Strike!

Through a lot of preparing, research and whatever time we have had to develop, we have decided to relaunch our Kickstarter campaign. We will be doing this on September 2nd.

We feel it is the right time. If we wait any longer, it will significantly hinder our plans to finish the game by the second quarter of 2015. We have worked whatever time we have had into our project and we need the time and resources to move forward with our project. (more…)

We just did a rather huge update on the current demo so if you downloaded it previously you will have to delete your save or it will cause an error. There is now a survey at the end of the demo. If you have already played and wish to take the survey now, please do so. Your feedback will help us make a much better game. Also, if for some reason, you did not get to the end of the demo, here is the link. Survey

Demo (more…)

Crafting + Progress

So I’ve been working on a crafting system. The way it will work is you throw a bunch of items into a mix and then BAM. Item made! Or… not. Once you discover the recipe/formula/whatever I decide to call them, you can easily create it over again. Fun stuff. A thing that I’m trying to add right now is creating bonus items!  Once you put in a recipe, you have the option of adding bonus items to create a brand new item. These items will add in new features to the base item. Say you have a Lohal Vial which on it’s own heals 500 or 50% of HP, that is the base item, but you can add in up to 2 additional items. You can get a Potent Lohal Vial of Fire. An item like that might heal more as well as give a boost in fire resistance. That is not something that you can find anywhere in the game because you INVENTED it! That is actually functioning perfectly fine, but the aesthetics are killing me. The item list is not displaying properly and item names are appearing in the wrong spot among other errors.


Our First Demo

We’ve finally finished the first part of the demo and we are needing some feedback. We added a bunch more than we thought we would and there’s STILL stuff that we left out due to the fact that we were already behind on time with the other stuff that we added. There’s a few secret areas and I want to know who can explore enough to find it all! The demo is about an hour long when you do everything, otherwise you can blast through it in about 15 minutes. Some of the voice acting that we got are kind of last minute because the 2 people testing the game told us of how bad the quality was of a few of our actors. We did not want to put it out with the bad quality actors. Although the acting was great, the mics were just not up to par.

We also had to iron out a few bugs in the game that we found, shrink file size, and make sure that only the files we were using were included so you guys don’t get a gig download lol. Some bugs, I could not fix, these are mentioned in the read me file. Overall this week had been pretty fun, but also kind of stressful for me due to me wanting everything to be perfect, but I know that’s not possible with anything. Every time I played through it I found a new mistake. I’m honestly still scared to know that I may have missed a few o_O, but I am still happy to know that the game is out there for everyone to play and I’m totally looking forward to pt 2 of the demo which will really get the story started. Think of this part as a tutorial.


Download Celestial Tear: Demon’s Revenge Demo