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20% to go!!!

80% and rising! We are really doing well, we almost have 200 backers which is exciting for us. With less than $900 to go we are really moving and gaining momentum on reaching our goal. This is probably the most important moment in our lives from here we can do really great things and we are glad you all are a part of it. With just 4 days we are looking at really good things for the future of our game and start up.

Is Sen offensive?…..

Just recently we got a message that our main character portrait could come off as offensive. As we have pointed out before we give our artist concept and let him have a bit of creative control on how the characters are presented. One of the things he did was make Sen’s chest a bit more detailed. It never bothered us and we did not look at that as a big deal. In fact, we figured he took her story and used it as a way to show that she lacked some knowledge and resources having lived by herself in a secluded place. We figured the people who support us would know better.  As you would also be the demographic for anyone who is actually interested in the game. I always figured it was very insignificant and posed little attention to anyone. This game features some pretty mature subjects and we figure those who play this would be the same.

Please let us know, as we are always up for some more opinions and critique.

Backer NPC, Luth

We have had a chance to work with backers on their NPC characters. The one that we are going to present in this update is a character by the name of Luth.


When he was younger, he was captured along with a few of his friends. When they were rounded up by the group of soldiers, they were tortured and beaten just for the amusement of the men. As the night carried on and the men had more drinks in them, they started making him and his friends fight, though the jehts were not given weapons and the soldiers fought with them. After watching most of his friends fall, he stopped remembering things and only came to a short distance away from the camp. His tattered clothes soaked in blood, but most of it was not his even though he did have a few nasty cuts of his own.

His outlook: Despite what happened to him, he feels he’s seen the demon in both humans and his own people. Neither of them are really all that different, they’re all just afraid and they need something to blame for that fear. So the humans blame the jehts and the jehts blame the humans.

Luth's over world sprite
Luth’s over world sprite

I had some fun spriting Luth. I think he has a great design and back story. We would of course be making him a character in the card game and doing a full sprite of him. I just wanted you all to have a look at some of the backers creations. This is not the final design as Steven may want some changes to the over-world sprite.

We are nearly at the half way point of our campaign! We are past our half way funding point and with less than $2,000 left to go! I know we have a good chance at making our goal. We have had some great discussion on Reddit and we would love for more of you to join us.

Please share our project on Twitter and Facebook. We have so much time left and so small of a goal to go. Thank you everyone for your support we can do it!

Character Liz the Demon?



One of the flagship images we have been using is one of the main antagonists, Liz. This lizard like creature is a very loyal friend to Sinara. Her protector and pet, Liz is always by her side. Liz is regarded as a mutated female demon. She is articulate enough not be regarded as an animal and too monstrous to be regarded as a human.

Liz Sprite

Liz was given to Sinara as a pet egg. Sinara was told that Liz was a demon and has always regarded her as such. Sinara held her in little regard and has always treated Liz with tough love. Liz grew to accept Sinara’s tough love and protects her with her life.


Views on Hasphal

Liz takes her world philosophies from Sinara, nothing really matters more to her life than her Sinara. Sinara taught Liz to hold little regard for humans or jehts. Liz feels no connections to even her supposed jeht lineage as no jeht has ever looked remotely like her.


Powers and abilities

Liz was trained by Sinara to a be a ferocious defender. Liz specializes in using defensive skills coupled with her great strength and durability. Liz carries a shield, which she uses offensively and defensively. She needs no other weapons as her claws are enough to cut through solid steel. Her strength is immense, Liz is able to lift 100 tons with exceptional ease and is durable enough to resist most sharp and blunt weapons as well as projectiles.
More news!!!


punk and lizard


Thanks again to everyone, we are quickly approaching the 60% mark. We want to send out an even bigger thank you to you guys, we really appreciate everything that you have done for our project. You guys are really making our dreams come true. Every bit of work that we have put into this game is finally getting the attention we have always believed it deserved. Our next stop is getting the game funded, completed and planning for its release in 2015.

Until next time, share our project on twitter and facebook. Like and share with anyone you know.

Thanks again,

– Tyrell and Whitney White

Kerell Eyes

Before Whitney and I decided to work together on Demon’s Revenge I was working on my own game called Erupt the Inferno. It was an RPG made from RPG Maker 2003, but had many iterations on older programs. It was absolutely poorly written the story was everywhere and the dialogue was terrible. As I had started to move further in the game, my skills with story telling and dialogue had gotten remarkably better. I’d even begun to work on some stories that I wrote when I was a kid, stories that were ironically way more interesting and well crafted.
Kerell Sprite
Kerell as he will appear in CT:Erupt the Inferno Kerell as he will appear in CT:Erupt the Inferno

In those stories came a character that I had created since I was old enough to draw. In some ways he represented me and my personal traits. Kerell is that character, and Whitney and I have combined our worlds to create a seamless universe of games that we plan to do in the future called the “Celestial Tear.”

Thoughts on Hasphal

I can not give away too much about his background, but I can say a bit about his views on the world of Hasphal. Kerell sees the conflict that is happening on Hasphal as one that he can not control. He has experienced enough of what people have done to each other and until he can find a solution, he has no reason to comment or critique peoples’ actions. Kerell resembles neither human nor jeht, so most people are confused of his race once he is around. He is generally a nice guy, but on first sight he can be very brooding and intimidating.

Powers and abilities:

Kerell is very durable and able to withstand blows that would cripple even the strongest of jehts. He is a fairly skilled fighter but relies on his strength and durability to control a battle. He posses a seemingly mystical axe and is equipped with an unknown armor. Kerell’s rage amplifies his abilities and cause his eyes to glow and his body to heat up in a fiery aura.
Celestial Tear: Erupt the Inferno

Erupt the Inferno is a game that we plan to return to. Although it will not be a RPG, it will directly be effected by the events of Demon’s Revenge. We have decided to make this a fighting game. Having experience with the MUGEN engine, we feel that we can make a real strong 2d fighter that even the most hardcore would enjoy.

We have many great ideas and concepts that goes into this entire universe that we have created. Demon’s Revenge is our first step in bringing those ideas to life, and with all your help, you are truly making this a reality.

Thank you for everything you are doing for us we are definitely on our way!

Until next time, share our project on twitter and facebook. Like and share with anyone you know.

Thanks again,

– Tyrell and Whitney White

Our Third Kickstarter Pt. 12

We’ll be going over all of our kickstarter updates.

September 2014 Kickstarter Update #15.

Who are the Ridders?

Ridders come from all over the world. Most of them volunteer to become ridders. These are usually young men and woman who look up to the ridders as being the protectors and saviors of the human race from demons. They usually come from the slums and use the ridder stature to honor their families.

There are some ridders who are hand picked from their particular part of the world. These humans usually posses gifts or talents that are particular to where they come from. These gifts could mean things as simple as natural strength, speed, or even the ability to channel the power of the sun into healing powers. They are usually held as the best of their kind and participate in tournaments to determine that right. These ridders are never drafted and usually accept joining as an honor. Most earn the rank of Elite Ridder and hold that position until they retire, when someone from their region can take their position.

Jagen was raised by wealthy owners of an inn located in the town of Pekitzer. He lived a very privileged life and was exposed to some of the finer teachings in all of Hasphal. Jagen’s parents were so busy with the family business that they rarely had time for him. Because of that, Jagen indulged himself in education, religion, and training. He grew to embrace the intricacies of strategy and war and grew a passion for some of the more obscure and unpredictable weapons and fighting styles…..

In our demo, you learn very early on that a terrible tragedy fell upon Jagen. His wife was killed by a rampaging demon. Jagen does what most would want to do in such a situation, he joins the Ridders in order to eradicate the world of such atrocities. He does not want to kill all demons. He feels that not every demon is evil. In memory of his wife he wants to protect the people of Hasphal from the type of demons that took her from him.
Jagen Stance

Most of the ridders despise Jagen, having climbed the ranks of the ridders in such little time, they feel his vast resources and status in life has attributed to his position. Jagen is a very adept strategist and fighter which has earned him very high praise within the ridders organization. The feelings of his peers phase him very little, as he is more concerned with his cause.
Jagen Riding
Soon, Jagen finds out that his ideals vary greatly from the ridders agenda. Jagen eventually has to make a decision that will alter his life and perhaps change the way he looks at the world of Hasphal.

Amira Sitting
Amira has grown up looking at the ridders as role models. The ridders were the great warriors of Hasphal and she believed she could train herself to become one. In Amira’s life, she had never encountered a demon. She had always heard about the destruction they caused and why they were so terrible. She thought of them as beasts that needed to be slain by those who she deemed as heroes.
Amira Stance
Amira dedicated her life to becoming a ridder, training hard everyday to learn what she could from the locals in Martholin, a town located near the ridder headquarters. Amira would eventually register to become a ridder. Enthusiastic about her chances of become a ridder, time would pass and no word would arrive. She would wait and her doubt would grow. Something that she trained her life to do, her dream, everything that made her life worth living felt like it was wavering in the wind. News would soon arrive and her suspicions would soon prove true. She was denied.
Amira would grow bitter. Life had lost its luster. She felt as though she had no place in life. Amira would learn to resent the ridders for not understanding her destiny. She would learn to despise the Gaddok for not granting her what she prayed for. She would soon leave Martholin because the sight of the ridder headquarters sickened her. She vowed one day she would show them the greatest warrior they had ever denied… Or destroy them. Whatever comes first.

Thanks again for reading our updates.

-Tyrell and Whitney White

Our Third Kickstarter Pt. 8

We’ll be going over all of our kickstarter updates.

September 2014 Kickstarter Update #10.

zone eyes
In this update, we talk more about the conflict between the humans and the jehts, and examine how some bonds can still be forged through such adversity.
zone enlarged
What are jehts?

Jehts are beings more suited to living off of the land as opposed to building communities and technology to sustain themselves. They have adapted themselves to almost every disease and poison that Hasphal could throw at them. Jehts are strong, durable, and fast they have adept senses, far superior to humans. Depending on what part of the world they are from, jehts generally have different abilities and are a diverse race of creatures.

War was not a part of the jehts culture or vocabulary until the humans came. Disputes were settled between the jehts and their rival brothers through rigorous games and challenges. Humans brought hate when they descended down upon them, as jehts may say. Forcing them into becoming the raging beast the humans labeled them as.

Now lost into the cold, dark, and harsh regions of the world, jehts wait and prepare until the day they can rise up and claim the land that was once theirs. In order to do that they have to become the enemy, learn the ways of war, and take back what is rightfully theirs.

zone recolored

Zone is a jeht and is pretty much the image of how most hasphalians see them. Zone is very quiet around hasphalians, being driven to a life of running from those who hate him. For more info on Zone you can visit his page on our website.

In Zone’s youth, he ran with a pretty disreputable jeht named Zorpel. Treasure hunting and adventuring was all that was on his mind. He never thought about the hurt and pain he caused. Never gave a second thought to the people and places he destroyed and raided while looking for something Zorpel called the “Dried Tear’. Something he claimed could give them immense power and the ability to travel to other worlds. Sick of the humans apparent dominance over his people, Zone wanted this power and at the time, never let anything get in his way of such a power.

Zone would come to build great regret from the pain he had caused in his campaign to find the artifact. So much so that he and Zorpel had a falling out. Zone would travel on his own, looking for penance within himself, and in some ways penance found him. Ambushed and imprisoned by the ridders, Zone was taken to the most secure prison on Hasphal the Ridders’ Headquartes, where no jeht has been known to escape alive. This was not the penance Zone had in mind, but perhaps what he had deserved. Zone would sit and rot in the headquarters. Silent and in deep thought about everything that had led him his current incarceration.
zieg enlarged
Time would pass and Zone would soon lose hope for anything outside the prison he had dwelled in for so long. A familiar face would sweep across his prison door. Startled, but with a look of hope and despair he uttered out the words “You.. Boy” The man would turn around with a raised eyebrow and a look of disbelief. He busted Zone out and with a similar tone, but with less grace and eloquence the man said “Boy, how the tables have turned.” Zone would come to know the man’s name as Zieg and nothing more. They escaped the headquarters and Zone said nothing. He could not comprehend what he needed to do with his life, he made promises to himself and promises to the people whose lives he hurt. Could he undo the wrong he had done or would he succumb to the consequences of his past.

If you would like more information on any other characters visit us at or follow us on facebook and twitter.

Average Giants!

We are doing a stream with Average Giants today 9pm eastern on Hitbox! If any of you would like to chat with us and ask us any questions please come join us, it will be a lot of fun. I am really excited about it, this time I get to be more calm because it will be my second time on the show. If you want to really see how excited I am for this game this will be the show to watch.

Do not forget to spread the word and pledge. If there is anything else you would like to learn about CT: Demon’s Revenge, let us know so we can include it in other campaign updates.

Thanks for reading this guys.

-Tyrell White & Whitney White

Our Third Kickstarter Pt. 7

We’ll be going over all of our kickstarter updates.

September 2014 Kickstarter Update #9.

sen eyes
In this update we are going to go over some characters and focus on some of the connections that they have with others and how it relates to the story.

depressed sen
Most of you should at least know who Sen is. For those that do not, she is the main character of the story.

Sen was adopted into the Asuke family who are located in the misty human town of Nionlah, pretty far from where most jehts or humans were living at the time. She was very young and always felt alone, only having any real connection with her brother, Niraku. Sen had little care for anything other than her own well being. Her connection to others would sour, as she never had time to really connect with them. Sometimes she wondered if she had ever really cared to know any of them in the first place. To Sen, life was all about survival, but to what purpose.
New Sen Unfinished

Niraku was a very positive kid. He was always willing to help any and everyone he met. Although his family and peers despised the jehts populace, he had an open mind and believed they were innocent of any crime that they were accused of until proven guilty. He felt that jehts were mistreated and always wanted to be the one to help bridge the gap between the races. He often spoke out against such oppression but felt his voice was never truly heard. He vowed that when he reached a more mature and educated age he would help people see the ignorance of their ways. Sen admired Niraku’s ambitions. She never had any of her own and had always wanted Niraku to do all the great things he wanted to set out and do. Sen felt that she could protect Niraku perhaps that could be her place in life, her reason to exist.
niraku eyes
As timed went on Sen seemed to lose more and more connection with other humans. She mentions strange dreams about abductions and pain, only to her brother. A dark brooding figure eerily watching over her, controlling her. These dreams would persist and nothing would stop them. Until one day she snaps, as Sen opens her eyes from her unwavering dream she sees her brother’s pale, damp, and lifeless body on the floor. All of his hopes and dreams in a pool of water that she can not fathom where it had came from. Her life, her ambitions all there, wet and dead in front of her again, Sen knows only one thing.. To survive, to run, but for what reason, for what ambition. As she hears the word demon echo through the halls, she is run out of town and she turns her back on humans. She turns her back on life, and perhaps she would become what they want her to be.. Or perhaps she would become something much more?
niraku sprite

Sen would see Niraku again with goals and ambitions not of his own.

If you would like more information on any other characters visit us at or follow us on facebook and twitter. Do not forget to spread the word and if there is anything else you would like to learn about CT: Demon’s Revenge, let us know so we can include it in other campaign updates.

Thanks for reading this guys.

-Tyrell White & Whitney White

Our Third Kickstarter Pt. 3

We’ll be going over all of our kickstarter updates.

September 2014 Kickstarter Update #5.

Sinara’s cut scene

In this update I want to show an element of the game that we think is unique and sort of original. This is another example of the sprited cut-scenes, this one features Sinara one of our main antagonist.

“Sinara’s early life was full of pain and isolation. Sinara and her younger sister Miranda were orphans who grew up in an unnamed town; overworked and under fed. They spent each day longing for a chance at a real life and family. The days of work and hunger led Sinara to have deep disdain for society. Soon the town was ravaged by demons and that day of having a real family never came. Sinara and Miranda’s first encounter with demons wounded them. That day, they nearly lost the only thing they have ever truly possessed: their lives. They grew enraged by the mere mention of the word demon and vowed to find a way to rid the world of them.”

Sin Update
She is a ruthless character known for her merciless onslaught of demons as well as humans who get in her way. To learn more about Sinara you can click on her image.

Give me your feedback and let me know how you feel about the video.

Ask me anything on Reddit.

We had started another Reddit post. This time it really got off the ground with some great feedback. Join in and if you have any questions, anything at all please do not be afraid to ask. We are open and ready to answer all the questions you may have, here or on Reddit.

Developers Pick:

We are still debating on our pick for the contest. The entries were so inspiring we kind of feel like giving out more prizes but we have to keep everything within budget, so we are still talking about it.
Campaign status:

We have reached a pretty cool milestone with having raised $1,008 funding so far. We are very excited about that. This means a lot to us and we will keep pushing hard to get our game made.

Everyone is telling us how great of a project we have. This is our third time on this platform and we know we have what it takes to make a great game. Just stick with us, learn about our process our dedication and spread that word far and wide because we are never giving up.

I talk about my game to just about everyone I feel is going to be interested, and this is something that I have to accomplish in life.

I’m never giving up no matter how hard it may seem!

Thanks for believing and supporting us we will continue to move forward with the kickstarter campaign.

With your support we all can help bring this game to life and be a part of it. If we all just brought in one more backer we could have at least 120 backers. That could make all the difference.

I’m fighting through all 4 quarters of this campaign and I am ready to tackle week two. Enjoy the update.

-Tyrell White

Our First Kickstarter Pt. 15

We’ll be going over all of our kickstarter updates.

2012 Kickstarter Update #14. This is when it was just Tyrell, me and Ricky.

Michael stepped down as composer. We brought on Mark (Quigon).

We were preparing for our 2014 Kickstarter in this update.

We have a few updates that we’ve already shared on our website, along with some smaller updates that we posted around the net. Here it goes!

Battle Backgrounds:

For those who played our previous demo you may have noticed that we used sprited backgrounds. With the help of our artist Ricky we were able to upgrade them to a more painted look. It makes things more dynamic and the scale of it allows us to do different things with the battle system.

new backgrounds

One of the more dynamic things that we plan to do with the battle system is using it to zoom in and out and pan depending on what is happening in the fight. Our new battle backgrounds are layered and built for animation so that is exciting for us. This is a new, but similar system to what we had used in our previous build on the older engine.It is a battle system that is being built from the ground up. Action is as big a thing in and out of battle but I would love to show it before I say too much about it and let the system speak for itself as it is nearly complete.


With that there are some minor updates and palette changes to some of the battlers and animations. I have redone Jagen’s colors and sprites so that it would match with the backgrounds much better. The wolves from the demo have also received a much needed upgrade. We have also added some more monsters in the area to give it more diversity. Most of the enemies from Jagen’s intro would be more forest like creature. While the next part would be consisting of more humans ones.

new ridder

new wolf

We hope to show off some of these features soon. And let people know how hard we have been working on this. I say this a lot, but we would love to do more updates and if time permits I will definitely try.

A Closer Look At Sinara:
sin eyes
Sinara’s early life was full of pain and isolation. Sinara and her younger sister Miranda were orphans who grew up in an unnamed town; overworked and under fed. They spent each day longing for a chance at a real life and family. The days of work and hunger led Sinara to have deep disdain for society. Soon the town was ravaged by demons and that day of having a real family never came. Sinara and Miranda’s first encounter with demons wounded them. That day, they nearly lost the only thing they have ever truly possessed: their lives. They grew enraged by the mere mention of the word demon and vowed to find a way to rid the world of them.

When they were of age, they joined the ridders. Miranda took a more internal role, while Sinara worked more on the field of battle. Both were Max’s best recruits, but Sinara was his prize possession and once he saw the potential in her skill, he honed them to reach a status beyond measure.

Max gave Sinara a pet demon, Liz. Despite Sinara’s hate for demons, Liz and Sinara manage to become partners in crime. Liz would sacrifice anything for Sinara and Sinara would let her.

liz and sin

Liz is Sinara’s partner. As much as Sinara hates demons, she keeps one as her right hand. Liz was discovered by Maximillion and given to Sinara as a pet. She has grown to love Liz and Liz feels the same. Liz has no remorse for the damage that she does to her fellow demons. Her hate for her own kind could only be explained by the teachings that Sinara has embedded in her mind, having been the only person she has truly gotten to know.

Sinara is known as being sadistic and evil. She kills without remorse and has a short temper. She tolerates humans a bit more, but their lives seem to mean as little to her as demons do. Sinara’s fighting prowess has earned her a reputation of being both deadly and overly confident. This makes her extremely intimidating because she is known more as a legend than as an actual person.

Skills and Abilities

Under Max’s tutelage, Sinara has become one of the most feared warriors of the demon ridders. She has learned to use many weapons and has learned to use and make poisons. Sinara is an excellent marksmen and her weapons of choice are two chakram which she uses in both ranged and melee combat. Sinara has also been shown to possess demon like attributes and abilities. Such as enhanced speed, strength, and endurance. This is due to her voluntary experimental procedures that she undergoes which injects a chemical found in demons. That chemical gives her the ability to manipulate the atmosphere to produce elemental abilities. It is something that demons excrete out of their pores in times of stress or danger.

New name, new logo:


We decided to change the name of our game to something less generic. Since Demon’s Revenge is the name of a previously released flash game, we need to make something a bit more diverse. So we went with adding “Celestial Tear” to the title which is the name of the universe in which Demon’s Revenge takes place. We love the idea for a shared universe within our games, and we think having it in the title makes our project more diverse. We are between these three color schemes at the moment. We love how it came out, but can’t choose.

That’s it for now, but there’s more to come!

For more you can check us out at: