Demon's Revenge

So most of April has been about trying to bring you guys a demo worth playing as well as preparing for the kickstarter coming in May. The demo is coming along pretty well so far, but it pains me to say that we will have to release the demo in parts again, as the other parts still need time to be perfected.  The first part being Jagen’s introduction, the second part being Sen’s introduction, and the third part showcasing the first real town in the game including a big beautiful palace which took me some time to get done. We thought we’d have more of the battle system done by now, but that has been going veeeery slow and we only have a small bit of it to show which will indeed be included in the demo.

battle preview

Hope you enjoyed the sneak peek 😀 Come join us for the launch on May 5th!


Kickstarter beginning on May 5th!

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