Demon's Revenge

New Music!!!

This update is all about the AUDIO!! We recently got Mark to finish a few tracks for the demo of the game. They are not all done, but the ones that we have are just….. Beautiful! We want to share it with you guys!


For our upcoming playable demo, we got some voice actors to play the roles of our characters in important places.

Voice acting can be toggled on or off for you guys who prefer a real classical type of RPG.

We received a lot of auditions, but we had narrowed it down to these select individuals through a number of talented candidates. I also had the pleasure of having my friend Hyper Voice Acting do some voices for the game. Here are their names and websites.

For more info visit:

Jalen Cassell:
Cecilia Yus:
Chris Thurman:
Echo Viridian: No site 🙁

Music By Alexace:

As a bonus we want to show an example of one of our sprited cutscenes.

That wraps up this update. In the near future we will have more!

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